EDI Committee

The EDI Committee provides high level strategic oversight and direction to the equality, diversity and inclusion work of the college.


The Committee has four overarching purposes:

  1. To provide advice and guidance to the SLT on EDI;
  2. To provide recommendations to the SLT on the college’s EDI priorities;
  3. To monitor performance and oversee the implementation of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan and to provide assurance to SLT that EDI objectives and activities are aligned to, and embedded within the broader range of strategic objectives for the college
  4. To improve the breadth of representation across protected characteristics in the work of the college, widen participation and tackle discrimination and differential attainment

Read the RCR's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Plan.


  • Dr J Dickson

Committee member

  • Dr C Chew
  • Dr R Conroy
  • Dr A Jameel
  • Dr N Mohammed
  • Mr O Reichardt
  • Dr D Saunders
  • Dr S West

Two members of Council (one from each faculty) – to be determined

Two members of either the Speciality Training Board or current examiners (one from each faculty) – to be determined

  1. Review the effectiveness of EDI related policies and make recommendations to the appropriate college committee
  2. Consider the RCR membership survey results, in conjunction with other sources of available EDI data and information
  3. Consider what other data might be collected to add value to the recommendations
  4. Use the data to provide recommendations to the SLT on the college’s EDI priorities
  5. Provide help and guidance as to how the college could best achieve their priorities
  6. Share best practice and learning in relation to EDI
  7. Provide advice to the SLT on any other aspects of EDI as appropriate