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Representing your voice in UK parliaments

The RCR brings the voice of clinical radiologists, interventional radiologists and clinical oncologists to parliaments and governments across all four UK nations. We work with politicians to help improve diagnostic and cancer services for healthcare professionals, so that they can help their patients in turn.

The UK parliaments hold a crucial position in shaping national policy and laws that define life in the United Kingdom. Parliamentary activity – like debates, committees and All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) – has a ripple effect on national policy. It can affect public perception and pressure, sway ministers’ views and decisions, and impact how organisations like NHS England address problems.

We influence parliaments

The Public Affairs function at the RCR is instrumental in establishing the RCR as an authoritative ‘go to’ organisation on all aspects of clinical radiology and clinical oncology among parliamentarians, civil servants and other decision makers. Our Public Affairs work raises the value of our medical specialties to MPs and Peers and devolved equivalents across all four nations, supporting our campaigning, with the ultimate goal of bringing about policy change.

We raise awareness

With the aim of pushing diagnostics up the political agenda, we partnered with The Royal College of Pathologists to set up an APPG for Diagnostics. Our role as Lead Secretariat gives us fantastic access to parliamentarians and experts across the NHS, who we bring together to generate discussion and solutions for improving diagnostics. 

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for Diagnostics