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Clinical oncology return to training toolkit

This return to training toolkit is aimed at any trainee who is planning an absence of 3 months or more, or who has been out of training for other reasons eg. sick leave or redeployment.

It can also be used by any trainee absent for less than 3 months if they and their supervisors agree that it would be appropriate and beneficial. It would be desirable for the trainee to have a supervisor with experience of returning to work after a period of absence during this process.

The toolkit includes guidance on each stage to be followed as well as supplementary forms tailored to clinical oncology to document the level of supervision of required during the supported return period and a tailored plan for the return period. The forms can be downloaded via the links in the toolkit below and trainees can then upload them to their Kaizen accounts if they wish to.

The toolkit

Additional resources

As part of HEE's SuppoRTT programme there is a range of resources freely available to all trainees through the SuppoRTT website. The webinars section in particular contains a good selection of webinars that were delivered as part of a London oncology return to training day. They include:

  • SuppoRTT Tips & Advice: Real-life experience, tips and advice on returning to clinical practice following time out of training
  • Updates on advances in clinical practice in areas such as breast, lung, GI, uro and head and neck cancer
  • An update on the changes in oncology practice during COVID-19
  • A refresher on palliative planning


If you have any queries about the toolkit or need advice on returning to work email [email protected]. In addition the following individuals are happy to be contacted by any trainee from anywhere in the UK with questions about this process:

  • Dr Sarah Needleman, Consultant Clinical Oncologist at the Royal Free and HEE London SuppoRTT Champion for clinical oncology
  • Dr Romelie Rieu, Trainee Clinical Oncologist at The Royal Marsden and HEE SuppoRTT Trainee Representative for South London
  • Dr Vanita Gandhi, Trainee Clinical Oncologist and HEE SuppoRTT Trainee Representative for North London


The development of this toolkit has been led by Dr Sarah Needleman, Clinical Oncologist at the Royal Free, based on similar work done by the RCR for Radiology.

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