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Thinking about a career in clinical radiology?

Clinical radiology is one of the most exciting and rapidly advancing specialties within medicine.

Watch: we ask our trainees what attracted them to clinical radiology

School students

It's never too early to start thinking about your future career and what you can do to get there. Find out more about the exciting career paths clinical radiology and clinical oncology can offer you.

Medical students

Medical school is the perfect time to start thinking about your future and where you might wish to focus. We're biased, but there are so many reasons why a career in clinical radiology or clinical oncology might be for you.

Foundation trainees

Foundation training will allow you to test, apply and expand the knowledge and skills you have gained at medical school. We know that full-time radiology and clinical oncology posts can be difficult to come by whilst you're on your foundation training, so we've put together a page to help out.

Sub-specialties & special interest groups

There are a host of options available for further ‘specialisation’, depending on your personal interest areas and previous experience. Both radiology and clinical oncology can be incredibly wide-ranging, with doctors specialising in areas including cardiac, musculoskeletal and paediatric medicine. 


GMC & CESR Registration

We've broken down the process of where to start with your GMC or CESR registration, alongside the documents you might need and where to find further information.

If you have any queries about a career in clinical radiology please email us at [email protected].