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Clinical oncology trainee resources

Welcome to our dedicated section for clinical oncology trainees, managed by the Oncology Registrars' Forum (ORF).

What is the purpose of the ORF?

To provide a route of communication, information and resources for all those undergoing specialty training in clinical oncology in the UK. 

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The ORF consists of one trainee elected from every region in the UK, plus a national representative of less than full-time trainees.  

Trainees should feel free to contact their representative or the ORF Secretariat.  If either your representative or the Secretariat does not have the answer/guidance that you need they will put you in touch with someone who does. 

Members and terms of reference

ORF Trainee Surveys 

Since 2007, the ORF has carried out a comprehensive online survey of all UK clinical oncology trainees every two years.  The survey investigates every aspect of clinical oncology training, from practical education to the exams, out of programme experience and the effect of service commitments on training.  We hope that the information contained within will help to improve clinical oncology training in the UK and encourage that the results be made available to all trainees and trainers in the UK.  Please address any feedback, comments or questions to the ORF via the secretariat. Your comments will be gratefully received and will contribute to improving the design of the next survey. 

If you would like the reports from earlier surveys, please email the ORF Secretariat.  The reports from the most recent surveys can all be accessed here: 

Email the ORF Secretariat

A day in my life as a clinical oncology trainee

The difficult thing writing about a ‘day in my life’ is that as a clinical oncology trainee, no two days of the week are ever the same. This is one of the main reasons I chose clinical oncology training as a career path because of the huge variety it offers. 

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