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Interested in clinical oncology?

An incredibly diverse and rewarding career, working in clinical oncology might be the perfect fit for you.

Built on innovation

Do you want to work in a field built on innovation, at the cutting edge of medicine but also grounded in holistic care?

A calm presence

Do you want to be the calm presence in a face of a cancer diagnosis, the person who makes sense of it all and creates a plan for treatment?

Skilled, curious and impactful

Do you have the skills to target cancer using radiotherapy, the curiosity to pioneer genomic medicine and AI, and the personal impact to guide and reassure patients when they need it most?

Learning every single day

Do you want to work in a specialty where everyone is supporting you; where teamwork is central; and where you can learn and develop every single day?

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  • “I couldn’t imagine working in any other field than Clinical Oncology. Our teamwork transforms the lives of patients every day as we guide them through treatments that increasingly cure cancer or help them make the very best of their time when it is limited. We are at the forefront of discovering more effective and  innovative ways of delivering treatment at a time when people need us most."

    Clinical oncologist

Clinical oncology is a predominantly outpatient specialty: it isn’t what you may have seen on the wards. There are more exams but they are similar to other specialties and we support and train you every step of the way.

The specialty has always valued less-than full-time working and flexible careers. There is also huge variety within the specialty so you can choose to develop more surgical skills in brachytherapy or problem-solving in technical radiotherapy alongside excellent communication with every patient you help.

The Royal College of Radiologist’s Oncology Faculty supports its trainees, members and Fellows throughout their career, with expert guidance, networks, updates and advocacy, making a real difference to the lives of our doctors.

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