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Guidance for potential MTI applicants

Direction for clinical radiology and clinical oncology applicants of our Medical Training Initiative scheme.

Please make sure you read the Medical Training Initiative (MTI)​ eligibility criteria carefully to ensure the sponsorship scheme is for you. 

1. To start the process you will need to find and be offered a suitable training post in the UK. We do not offer sponsorship for consultant, specialty doctor, research or locum appointed service (LAS) posts. Current vacancies will be listed on NHS careers or BMJ careers.

They will not necessarily be advertised as MTI posts so you should look for posts advertised as ST4+ specialty registrar, clinical fellow or international fellow.

2. Once a training post has been offered to you, the MTI process is started by the UK employer who will send us a completed UK supervising consultant form along with the job description, a sample of the weekly timetable and a copy of your CV. This will then be assessed by our Clinical Oncology/Clinical Radiology Medical Director, Education and Training for initial approval of sponsorship.

3. Once an initial approval has been given, the MTI training administrator will get in touch with you directly to request your completed application form and supporting documents to continue the process.

4. Demonstration of English is vital to GMC registration and you must have a successful result in either the IELTS test or OET test, for the MTI. The criterion for the IELTS test is a minimum score of 7 in each category with an overall score of no less than 7.5. The criterion for the OET test is a minimum grade of ‘B’ in each testing area.

5. You should take this test as soon as possible as a copy of the certificate will need to be sent to us as part of your MTI application. You can find out more information on the IELTS test and OET test on the GMC website.

Application process

A breakdown of the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) application process and forms necessary for clinical radiology and clinical oncology.

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Discover our Medical Training Initiative (MTI) scheme, which is designed to allow a limited number of overseas doctors to enter the UK for a maximum of two years, to benefit from training and development in the NHS. 

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