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Thinking about a career in clinical oncology?

Clinical oncology is a growing and richly rewarding area of medicine.

Why clinical oncology?

We asked some clinical oncology trainees attending the Annual Trainee Oncology Meeting in Birmingham to tell us why they chose the specialty and what they love about it.

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Understanding career stages

Whether you are a school student considering a career in medicine or a trainee looking to expand your skills, we have covered all pathways. 

If you have any further queries about a career in clinical oncology please email us at [email protected]  

What is it really like?

Medical students, trainees and consultants reflect on their careers in clinical radiology and clinical oncology.  

Clinical oncology trainee resources

A variety of advice, useful information and resources for clinical oncology trainees. 

Promoting careers

Fly the flag for clinical oncology and clinical radiology careers by promoting them to students and trainees.


Clinical oncology

Clinical oncology is a cornerstone of cancer care – providing pioneering therapies that can halt the advance of cancer or eliminate it altogether.  

Discover clinical oncology