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We work to improve systems across NHS radiology and non-surgical cancer care, and advocate on behalf of the medical specialties of clinical radiology and clinical oncology and their healthcare teams.

Recovering radiotherapy services in England

The Radiotherapy Board have developed a policy briefing which explores the reasons why more patients are having to wait longer for their radiotherapy and suggests recommendations for what the government and NHS can to do restore services.

Embracing AI to support the NHS in delivering early diagnoses

The Royal College of Radiologists and The Royal College of Pathologists have published a joint report following a meeting they co-chaired at 10 Downing Street to discuss the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in the NHS.

Turnaround times – what are we seeing?

New data from NHS England shows that too many patients are waiting over a month for their imaging results, as a result of insufficient diagnostic capacity.

The SACT capacity crisis in the NHS

The Royal College of Radiologists has produced an important briefing outlining the most pressing problem oncology departments across the UK are facing – a critical lack of capacity to deliver systemic anti-cancer therapies (SACT) to patients.

State of the wait

The ‘State of the wait’ is our analysis of diagnostic imaging and cancer treatment waiting times, showing how many radiologists it would take to clear the imaging backlog in England.

Improving PIR services in the UK

The Royal College of Radiologists has published an important report on paediatric interventional radiology (PIR). These specialists provide minimally invasive, high-quality treatment for cancer and many other diseases. PIR vastly improves the range, efficiency and quality of paediatric care.

CDCs unveiled: challenges and triumphs

CDCs play a key role in reducing waiting lists by expanding capacity and implementing the NHS Elective Recovery Plan.

Equipped for the Future: Diagnostics equipment in NHS England – the case for investment

We have published a new policy report on diagnostic imaging equipment which refreshes and hones our recommendations on the provision of much-needed scanners, making the case for greater investment in radiology services for the benefit of patients.

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