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The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) is committed to working collaboratively with oncologists and radiologists and the services in which they work, to support them in maintaining the highest standards of patient care. Service reviews provide the opportunity for imaging and cancer care services to seek an external expert opinion and objective advice – and are usually commissioned at the invitation of the medical director or chief executive.

Invited service reviews are often requested:

  • where there are concerns about how a service is performing – for example, about quality or safety; or
  • to provide an external assessment following; for example, reconfiguration or change of leadership, or a service’s response to recruitment, retention or other workforce challenges.

They are not used as a means of assessing the clinical competence of individual doctors, and do not replace existing procedures for managing performance.

Where can I find more information about the process?

Our document Service Reviews: Process guidance for clinical oncology and clinical radiology sets out in detail the principles underpinning the invited service review process, planning and preparing for a review, as well as the processes that will normally be followed by the RCR when undertaking reviews at the request of services.

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