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Clinical radiology

We’re here to support you throughout your career in clinical radiology – offering innovative training and promoting the specialty so that you have the resources you need to deliver better patient care.

The role of a clinical radiologist

Radiology departments are the backbone of diagnosis, early cancer detection, screening services and life-saving interventional procedures.

Today, clinical radiologists use a wide range of imaging techniques to interpret and report complex scans, perform image-guided surgery and provide expert guidance to other clinicians to ensure good patient care. 

Discover the world of medical imaging and read more into the essential role clinical radiologists play.

What does a clinical radiologist do?

Starting your clinical radiology career

Clinical radiology is one of the most exciting and rapidly advancing specialties within medicine. Discover insight into the specialty and what a career within it might entail, as well as some top tips for wherever you are in your journey to becoming a clinical radiologist.

Starting your radiology career

Advances in radiology

Radiology is a varied specialty that requires many different skills and ways of thinking. Learn more about advances in fields like interventional radiology, and what the future might hold for the specialty.

The exam hub

Our exam hub offers an improved exam booking and exam management experience, and allows you to prep for exams, book online, and get results quicker. You can also cancel or reschedule exams you have already booked.

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Clinical radiology publications

Our collection of publications covering a wide range of topics, from the delivery of high-quality radiology resources to the use of information technology and workforce reports.

Mentoring schemes

Whether you're new to radiology and want advice and guidance on how to progress in your career, or have decades of experience in a particular area that you can impart, we would love to match you to the mentor or mentee who is right for you.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Radiology contains a multitude of facets: it's what makes it such an interesting career. Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are independent groups that provide us with advice and experience in their specialist areas, so that we in-turn can advise policy and change to benefits all our members.