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Training guidance for clinical oncology

The following links and documents are supplied in support of trainees and trainers. If there are resources that you feel should be added to this page, please email the training team on [email protected] .

Out of Programme Activities (OOPE, OOPR and OOPT)

Tax relief for trainees

Currency of examinations

The currency of examinations - Where trainees enter an approved training programme and wish to record previously undertaken exams in their chosen specialty, the RCR will adopt the guidance of the GMC. The GMC guidance on the currency of exams states:

"An examination may be taken before the candidate enters the relevant GMC-approved training programme or when they are on a break in the programme. In this scenario, the pass will be considered current as long as the candidate enters or re-enters the programme within seven years of passing the examination and satisfies any other currency requirements determined by the relevant royal college or faculty."


Regional Specialty Advisers

Regional Specialty Advisers perform a vital role in assuring, on behalf of the RCR, that national standards for training, curriculum delivery, and workplace-based assessment are maintained.

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Our specialty training

Learn more about how the College sets the standards and curriculum that lead to the award of a Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT) and entry onto the GMC's Specialist Register.

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