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What is it really like working in our specialties?

Medical students, trainees and consultants reflect on their careers in clinical radiology and clinical oncology.

As a medical student

Safa Siddiqi

Safa  tells us how she became involved with radiology at medical school and gives advice to fellow undergraduates who are interested in the specialty. 

Zeeshan Kazmi

Zeeshan highlights opportunities to gain radiological experience where there is limited exposure to radiology at medical school.

As a trainee

Dr Samantha Cox

Dr Samantha Cox tells us why she chose the specialty, the positive aspects to being a clinical oncologist, the challenges that it brings, and an insight into a typical working day.  

Dr Sally Appleyard

Dr Sally Appleyard tells us about her experience undertaking research and how this compares to a 'typical' clinical oncology job.

Dr Faye Robertson

Dr Faye Robertson explains what it is about the specialty that attracted her and keeps her interested as she progresses through her training. 

Dr Omar Azmat

Dr Omar Azmat tells us about his life as a Clinical Fellow in musculoskeletal radiology in Canada.  

Dr Helen Cliffe

Dr Helen Cliffe explains why and how she ended up choosing a career in clinical radiology and why she has never regretted it since. 

Dr Noor Jawad

Dr Noor Jawad describes a typical working day as a clinical radiology trainee. 

Dr Bethan Davis

Dr Bethan Davis talks about why she chose radiology, what the challenges are and gives some advice for medical students and foundation trainees.

As a consultant

Dr Serena Hilman

Dr Serena Hilman describes "a life in the day" of a clinical oncologist. 

Dr Ananya Choudhury

Dr Ananya Choudhury tells us why she chose clinical oncology and what it's like to combine a clinical job with research. 

Dr Lucinda Melcher

Dr Lucinda Melcher tells us how she came to be a consultant clinical oncologist in London. 

Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna

Dr Ganesh Radhakrishna talks about why he loves being a clinical oncologist!  

Dr Louise Harris

Dr Louise Harris explains what is involved in being a consultant. 

Dr Bijan Hedayati

Dr Bijan Hedayati tells us what it's like to be a consultant in the specialty. 

Dr Paul McCoubrie

Dr Paul McCoubrie explains why he loves clinical radiology! 

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