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Oncology Registrars' Forum

The Oncology Registrars’ Forum (ORF) is an elected body of trainees. It represents trainee interests in the College and facilitates communication between trainees and the College.

The ORF consists of one trainee elected from every region in the UK and includes a national representative of less than full-time trainees. Members are elected by their trainee colleagues to represent their interests within the College and to facilitate communication between them and the College. In addition, the ORF ensures the involvement of trainees in the work of the College by sending representatives to many of the College’s boards and committees and also acts as a source of support, resources, and guidance for trainees, supporting the College’s quality assurance of training in the process. Some members also sit on external committees such as the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges’ Trainee Doctors’ Group and the BMA’s Junior Doctors’ Committee.

The terms of reference include full details of the ORF’s remit.


Terms of reference

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The Oncology Registrars' Forum's main purpose is to provide a route of communication, information and resources for all those undergoing specialty training in clinical oncology in the UK. Find our recommendations for trainee resources here.

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