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Radiology Events and Learning (REAL)

Learning from errors, discrepancies, educational cases and thought-provoking scenarios has been reported to be one of the most highly valued CPD activities clinicians can undertake.

REAL Online, RCR Learning Hub

We are excited to introduce Radiology Events and Learning (REAL), our interactive learning resource for radiologists to practise. It is highly popular globally as a way to move beyond a ‘blame culture’ to one of learning and support. Can you spot the pathology amongst the normal cases? Have a go - we are building a selection of fun, short quizzes with learning points using real cases sent in by colleagues via the REAL panel. They are selected because of their clinical relevance and educational benefit. Please see the current cases available here.

How to submit a case to Real Online:

  1. Click the button below and follow the prompts to register or login. 
  2. Upload five DICOM (Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine) cases, 3 or 4 normal and 1 or 2 abnormal. 
  3. These will be evaluated for use on the Learning Hub and if selected, 3 CPD credits are available. (N.B. DICOM files should be in be in unzipped folders before uploading).
Submit a case to REAL

REAL newsletter

Our REAL newsletter features real case scenarios as well as published letters from the membership on a quarterly basis. Addressing a range of intriguing questions and topical points, the REAL newsletter is an excellent resource to gain greater exposure to, and learning from, difficult and unusual cases.

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To submit a JPEG case for newsletter consideration use the button below. Before submission remember to anonymise your case by removing patient identifiers. 

Submit a JPEG case to REAL

REAL panel members

REAL Online

If you are interested in accessing REAL Online, the REAL newsletter or finding out more about the benefits of our membership, please visit our RCR membership page.


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