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My Lightbulb Moments

A series of 45 short videos on radiological anatomy, accessible for free via our Learning Hub. Each clip is a bitesize five minutes and features detailed illustrations and examples.

Who is our series relevant for?

Clinical radiology trainees

It supports and prepares those of you approaching your FRCR anatomy examination, helping increase anatomical knowledge.  

Clinical radiology consultants

It is a beneficial resource to support your practice and provide a refresher on complex anatomy. 

Access is free on the RCR Learning Hub via an active RCR web account, but you are not required to be a member of The Royal College of Radiologists. 

Recently added modules: 

  • Circumaortic left renal vein 
  • Elbow fat pads 
  • ENT/Head and neck 
  • Fissures and segmental bronchi 
  • Lobes, fissures, and bronchopulmonary segments 
  • Navigating abdominal CT – part 1 
  • Navigating abdominal CT: Upper abdomen – part 2 
  • Paranasal sinus anatomy and normal variants 
  • Pathology of the appendix 
  • Penis anatomy 

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