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RCR Equity and Allyship in Practice (REAP) : a webinar series

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As part of our commitment to supporting equity, diversity, and inclusion we have developed the RCR Equity and Allyship in practice (REAP) programme. 

This programme aims to increase awareness of the background and importance of EDI in our specialities and to improve knowledge and confidence to support these principles locally. 

You are encouraged to attend all 5 sessions, but are able to book individual sessions. 


  • 5 x virtual sessions (via Zoom), each 90 minutes in length
  • Scheduled at 17.30-19.00
  • Presentations of the sessions only will be recorded and made available at the end of the completed programme

Event overview

Participants attending this programme can expect to: 

  1. Develop an understanding of the current background and state of equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in Radiology and Clinical Oncology. 
  2. Understand the benefits of advancing EDI in the workplace for the workforce and for patients. 
  3. Improve the confidence of participants to support difficult conversations about discrimination and inequities in the workplace through allyship.
  4. Feel able to support a workplace culture that celebrates and supports diversity.  
  5. Develop a ‘network of allies’ among peers and experts.

Who should attend

  • Trainees in clinical radiology and clinical oncology.
  • Consultants, SAS and LE doctors, registrars who are interested are also welcome.


5 CPD CREDITS and a Certificate of Completion of the programme will be available if all sessions are attended.


Once you have completed your registration, you will receive an email confirming your place on the session(s) If you do not receive this email confirmation within 24 hours, please contact the Professional Networks Team at: [email protected].
You will be emailed separate to register via Zoom for a link(s) to your booked session(s)  


Session 1: 16 May 2024 - EDI - Where Are We and Why Does It Matter?

Aims and Objectives:

- To understand the current background and data on equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our specialties.

- To understand why EDI is important and beneficial to the workforce and patients in Clinical Radiology and Oncology.



Introduction & background
Dr Jina Pakpoor, RCR Fairer Training Outcomes Leadership Fellow


EDI as an RCR priority
Dr Dan Saunders, RCR Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee


Why is diversity and inclusion important in our specialties and what is the current ‘state of affairs’
Dr Anu Obaro, RadReach Co-Founder



Session 2: 27 June 2024 - Unconscious Bias & Allyship in Practice

Aims and Objectives:

- To understand what is meant by “allyship” and why/how to be one.

- To understand what unconscious bias is and how it impacts day-to-day behaviours.




Allyship in Practice
- what is an ally & how to be one
- interactive case studies

Dr Evelyn Mensah, WRES Expert LNWH NHS Trust



Session 3: 11 July 2024 - Tools for Challenging Bias and Discrimination

Aims and Objectives:

- To learn tools for having ‘difficult conversations’ and giving feedback.

- To gain awareness of what your trainer can or should do to support you when encountering bias.


Empowering trainees and the role of trainers:
- a trainer’s perspective
Dr Katy Clarke, Oncologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust


Facilitating psychological safety at work - promoting an inclusive culture
Dr Qaiser Malik, RCR Medical Director Membership & Business




Session 4: 1 August 2024 - International Medical Graduates

 Aims and Objectives:

- To understand the unique challenges faced by International Medical Graduates in training

- To understand how the RCR and your training programme can support you.

- To understand how you can be an effective ally to your IMG colleagues.


Aiding transitions into NHS Radiology and Oncology for IMGs
Dr Priya Suresh, RCR Medical Director Education & Training


A personal experience of transitioning into UK Radiology: - SAS/IMG doctor
Dr Vaishali Parulekar, RCR SAS Lead



Session 5: 5 September 2024 – Panel Discussion: Strategies for Local Implementation

Aims and Objectives:

- To consolidate understanding of subject matter in previous sessions.

- To think about actions you can take to implement what has been learnt during the programme.



Panel Discussion: - implementing equity and allyship in practice
Dr Priya Suresh, RCR Medical Director Education & Training
Dr Qaiser Malik, RCR Medical Director Membership & Business
Dr Anu Obaro, RadReach Co-Founder