RCR Officers

The Officers of the RCR are: 

The President  Leads the College and is its primary spokesperson  
The Treasurer - Medical Director, Membership & Business   Leads the strategic financial development of the College and is responsible to Council for the financial governance of the charity 
For each Faculty:
Vice-President  Responsible for leading the Faculty and speaking on its behalf on Council 
Medical Director, Education and Training  Responsible for specialty training matters for each Faculty 
Medical Director, Professional Practice  Responsible for professional and workforce issues for each Faculty 

The President is elected by the UK Fellows in good standing of both Faculties and serves a three-year term. The Presidency rotates such that every third appointment is a clinical oncologist. The Treasurer can be a Fellow from either Faculty and is appointed following a selection process. The Faculty Officers can only come from their relevant Faculty. Further information about the role of the Officers can be found below. The roles of the honorary Officers are set out in broad terms in the Regulations.

Officers of the RCR 2019–20


Dr Jeanette Dickson (2019–2022)
Details of the role of the President  
About Dr Dickson

 Dr Jeanette Dickson

Treasurer-Medical Director, Membership and Business

Dr Andy Beale (2017–2020)
Details of the role of the Treasurer - Medical Director, Membership and Business 

About Dr Beale
Andy Beale took his degree in Edinburgh and trained in radiology at St Bartholomew’s and St Thomas’ with a fellowship in Interventional Radiology in San Diego, California in 1993. From 1995, he has been a consultant radiologist in Swindon at the Great Western Hospital, subspecialising in cardiothoracic imaging and non-vascular IR, developing cardiac imaging including cardiac CT and MRI. He was clinical tutor followed by becoming head of department from 2006–10.  Dr Beale was a founder member of the British Society of Thoracic Imaging (BSTI) and its Treasurer 2003–10. From 2010–13 he was National Clinical Lead for NHS improving quality (NHSIQ), with a particular interest in interventional radiology and diagnostic benchmarking. He has advised many radiology departments on service delivery and been part of the Care Quality Commission (CQC) radiology inspectorate. He was a Council member of the RCR from 2014–17, as well as serving on the Finance and Honours committees.

 Dr Andy Beale

Vice-President, Clinical Radiology

(Dean of the Faculty)
Dr Caroline Rubin (2017–2020)
Details of the role    

About Dr Rubin
Dr Caroline Rubin trained in medicine at King’s College London and Westminster Hospital Medical School, qualifying in 1979. Following a medical SHO rotation in Wessex she was appointed to the Wessex Radiology Training Scheme and subsequently as a consultant radiologist with a special interest in breast imaging in Southampton in 1988, at the start of the National Screening Programme. She was Director of the Southampton and Salisbury Breast Screening Programme for 25 years and a Member of the Advisory Committee for Breast Cancer Screening for 12 years.
With a lifelong interest in education and training she has undertaken many roles including College Tutor for nine years, Head of Training for seven years and Head of the Wessex School of Radiology for five years. She was awarded a Masters in Education from the University of Winchester in 2005.
Her roles within the RCR commenced as a member of the Training Accreditation Committee in 2002, subsequently sitting on the Specialty Advisory and Specialty Training and Advisory Committees and have included development of workplace-based assessments, Chair of the Curriculum Committee and, more recently, Medical Director Education and Training, Clinical Radiology 2013–16.

 Dr Caroline Rubin

Vice-President, Clinical Oncology

(Dean of the Faculty)
Dr Hannah Tharmalingam (2019–2022)
Details of the role   

About Dr Tharmalingam

Dr Hannah Tharmalingam trained in medicine at the University of Oxford graduating in 2009 with a First-Class Honours degree. She trained in Clinical Oncology in North London within which she completed an MD (Res) degree evaluating advanced radiotherapy techniques in high-risk prostate cancer. She was appointed a Consultant in Clinical Oncology at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre in 2019 where she specialises in gynaecological and urological malignancies with an interest in HDR brachytherapy.

She has a strong interest in medical education and was awarded an Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy as a trainee.  At the RCR, since 2017, she has been a Clinical Fellow in education leading on the re-write of the curriculum and the new joint training pathway model with Medical Oncology as well as an associate member of the FRCR Part 2A Examination Board. During this time, she was also vice-chair of the Oncology Registrars’ Forum representing trainees on various RCR boards and committees.

 Dr Hannah Tharmalingam

Medical Director, Education and Training, Clinical Radiology

(Warden of the Faculty)
Dr Stephen Harden (2019–2022)
Details of the role  

About Dr Harden

Dr Harden trained in medicine at the University of Cambridge and St Thomas’ Hospital in the University of London, graduating in 1993. He trained in clinical radiology on the Wessex training programme and was appointed as a consultant in cardiothoracic radiology at University Hospital Southampton in 2005. His areas of particular specialist interest are cardiac imaging including cardiac MRI and cardiac CT, imaging respiratory disease including interstitial lung disease and PET-CT in patients with known or suspected lung cancer.

He has had a number of national roles including President of the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (2012-2015), during which he led the joint Collegiate development of standards of departmental practice in cardiac CT. He was Vice President of the British Institute of Radiology from 2015-2017.

Dr Harden has had a long interest in education and training and was Radiology Training Programme Director in Southampton from 2009-2012 and Head of the Wessex School of Radiology from 2013-2019. This interest is reflected in his previous RCR roles including serving on the FRCR Part 2a Examining Board, the Curriculum Committee, the Specialty Training Board and as chair of the Clinical Radiology Professional Learning and Development Committee.

 Dr Stephen Harden

Medical Director, Education and Training, Clinical Oncology

(Warden of the Faculty)
Dr Frances Yuille (2017–2020)
Details of the role    

About Dr Yuille
Born in  Zimbabwe, Dr Yuille trained at St Bartholomew's Hospital in London, qualifying in 1987. After numerous posts in the South of England she started oncology training at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre in 1992. After four years of training in Edinburgh in clinical oncology, she moved to Newcastle and thereafter the Beatson Oncology Centre in Glasgow. Her first consultant post was at the Beatson Oncology Centre with a specialist interest in breast and lung cancer. Since 2001 she has been a consultant in Edinburgh specialising in breast and lymphoma management. Additionally her interests are communications skills, medical education and quality improvement.

 Dr Frances Yuille

Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Radiology

(Registrar of the Faculty)
Professor Mark Callaway (2018–2021)
Details of the role   

About Professor Callaway

Mark Callaway took his primary degree in Southampton and trained in radiology in Manchester and Bristol. While in Manchester he was one of the founding members of the Society of Radiologists in Training.

He was appointed as Consultant in gastrointestinal (GI) radiology in University Hospitals Bristol in 1998 and has developed his subspecialty interest in HPB imaging and intervention. He has been Clinical Director of the department and Head of School of radiology for the Northern South West Deanery. In addition, he has been Deputy Medical Director and more recently Interim Medical Director of the trust.

He has been involved with the RCR since being appointed to Professional Support and Standards Board in 2009, he served on this board until 2015. He was a member and then subsequent Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee from 2011-2017, with responsibility for five Annual Scientific Meetings during this period, he was also an elected member of Council between 2014-2017.

In 2015 he was appointed as a visiting Professor of the University of the West of England recognising his work in the field of imaging and robotics. He has also served as the radiological expert on projects for both NICE and NCEPOD

 Professor Mark Callaway

Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology

(Registrar of the Faculty)
Dr Tom Roques, Norfolk and Norwich (2018–2021)
Details of the role

About Dr Roques
Tom Roques trained as a clinical oncologist in London and Vancouver before becoming a consultant in Norwich in 2004. He specialises in head and neck, thyroid, upper gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary cancers. He was service director in Norwich from 2010–2016. He is radiotherapy lead for Norwich and has chaired the Anglia Alliance radiotherapy board since 2013. He has written and spoken about target volume definition in head and neck and other cancers at national and international meetings and is part of the quality-assurance team for two international head and neck trials. 

He has particular interests in technical radiotherapy and in doctor–patient decision-making. He was a member of the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) head and neck cancer guideline committee and was chair for the NICE brain tumour guideline published in 2018. He is one of the four authors of the ‘red book’ (Practical Radiotherapy Planning) and has written many other book chapters.

He has been a regular contributor to RCR Heads of Service meetings since 2010 and was the Governance Lead on the Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board (PSSB) from 2012–2016. In 2017 he was lead author for the RCR guideline on radiotherapy target volume definition and peer review.

 Dr Tom Roques

Senior Leadership Team

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