College Officers

The Officers of the RCR are: 

The President  Leads the College and is its primary spokesperson  
The Treasurer   Leads the strategic financial development of the College and is responsible to Council for the financial governance of the charity 
For each Faculty:
Vice-President  Responsible for leading the Faculty and speaking on its behalf on Council 
Medical Director, Education and Training  Responsible for specialty training matters for each Faculty 
Medical Director, Professional Practice  Responsible for professional and workforce issues for each Faculty 

The President is elected by the UK Fellows in good standing of both Faculties and serves a three-year term. The Presidency rotates such that every third appointment is a clinical oncologist. The Treasurer can be a Fellow from either Faculty and is appointed following a selection process. The Faculty Officers can only come from their relevant Faculty. Further information about the role of the Officers can be found below. The roles of the honorary Officers are set out in broad terms in the Regulations.

Officers of the College 2016–17


Dr Nicola Strickland (2016–2019)
Details of the role of the President  
 Dr Nicola Strickland, President, The Royal College of Radiologists

Dr Mark Alexander (2014–2017)
Details of the role of the Treasurer  

About Dr Alexander
Dr Mark Alexander trained at Oxford & St Thomas’s, and after a range of posts including working at the National Heart under Donald Ross and Magdi Yacoub, and as a Neurosurgeon at Atkinson Morley’s where, under the influence of Jamie Ambrose and Geoff Hart, he decided to train as a Radiologist. He trained in Radiology at the Royal Postgraduate Medical School, Hammersmith Hospital, under David Allison and Robert Steiner. He has since been a Consultant Radiologist at Luton & Dunstable Hospital leading interventional radiology & Nuclear Medicine.  At the Trust he spent 12 years as Clinical Director of Radiology, and 12 years as Director of Medical Education & Clinical Tutor, and one of three Medical Directors. Since 2007 he has been the Associate Postgraduate Dean and Head of School for Clinical Radiology, East of England Deanery. He was founding Associate Dean in the School of Postgraduate Medicine and Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Postgraduate Medical School and has also been Regional Royal College Radiology Chairman and Chair of the Eastern Radiology Development. He has been RCR Treasurer since 2014, and created the Senior Fellows Forum, the RCR International Committee, and the RCR-Teleradiology Forum, as well as leading the iRefer project.

 Dr Mark Alexander, Treasurer, RCR

Vice-President, Clinical Radiology
(Dean of the Faculty)
Dr Richard FitzGerald (2014–2017)
Details of the role    

About Dr FitzGerald
Dr FitzGerald went to medical school in Cork, before completing his radiology training at the Birmingham and West Midlands Radiology Training Scheme. He works as a general radiologist. He has been an active member of the College for a number of years, having been an elected member on Clinical Radiology Faculty Board, Council and the Clinical Radiology Professional Support and Standards Board as well as a member of the RCR Standards Subcommittee and RCR European Subcommittee. He became Vice-President, Clinical Radiology in 2014. In addition to his work at the College, Dr FitzGerald has also been a member of a number of local and national BMA Committees and worked as a GMC Assessor. He has published and lectured widely on improving the working lives of radiologists, fair medical regulation, radiological errors and teleradiology.


Vice-President, Clinical Oncology
(Dean of the Faculty)
Dr Jeanette Dickson (2016–2019)
Details of the role   

About Dr Dickson
Dr Dickson is currently a full-time clinical oncologist at Mount Vernon Cancer Centre (MVCC), specialising in thoracic malignancies. She also provides a haematological radiotherapy service. She has been a consultant since 2002. She has held a number of additional roles: as clinical director of MVCC for five years. Her educational roles have included being a clinical tutor, RCR tutor, training programme director and finally Head of School of Clinical Oncology for London/KSS Deaneries. She has been involved in various College activities since 2010 and between 2013 and 2015 she was Medical Director for Professional Practice.

 Dr Jeanette Dickson, Vice-President, Clinical Oncology 

Medical Director, Education and Training, Clinical Radiology
(Warden of the Faculty)
Dr William Ramsden (2016–2019)
Details of the role  

About Dr Ramsden
Dr Ramsden is a full-time paediatric radiologist at the Leeds Children’s Hospital and has a particular interest in cancer imaging. He trained in radiology in Manchester and Leeds (FRCR 1993) and was appointed as a consultant in 1994. He has a strong interest in postgraduate medical education and since 2012 has been Head of The Yorkshire and Humber School of Clinical Radiology. Before that, Dr Ramsden was Training Programme Director for the Leeds/Bradford radiology training scheme from 2008-2012, and co-lead for the Leeds and West Yorkshire Radiology Academy from 2003-2007.
He has recently served as chair of the RCR Clinical Radiology Curriculum Committee and has organised both clinical and educational meetings on behalf of the College. He holds a Doctorate in Education, awarded by the University of Leeds in 2014. He is a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Educators and an honorary clinical associate professor at the University of Leeds.

 Dr William Ramsden, Medical Director, Education and Training, Clinical Radiology 

Medical Director, Education and Training, Clinical Oncology
(Warden of the Faculty)
Dr Seamus McAleer, Belfast (2014–2017)
Details of the role    

About Dr McAleer
Dr McAleer was appointed as an Academic Clinical Oncologist in 1992 and he developed an interest in education, especially assessment. He has worked in the team delivering Final FRCR in Clinical Oncology and has developed a series of changes to modernise and improve the delivery of Final FRCR.
This included working to split the Final FRCR in Clinical Oncology into Parts A and B. This involved developing a question bank of 'single best answer' questions and using psychometric tools to improve assessment quality and reliability.  As Medical Director for Education and Training, he has worked closely with the team in the Faculty of Clinical Radiology. This has involved the joint development of examiner induction (following a single annual intake) and the sharing of best practice in assessment techniques and delivery. The College is also developing a digital assessment tool for radiotherapy planning, learning from the experience of clinical radiology in bringing digital technology to their examinations.


Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Radiology
(Registrar of the Faculty)
Dr Andy Smethurst, Aintree (2015–2018)
Details of the role   

About Dr Smethurst
Dr Smethurst is a full-time GI Radiologist at Aintree University Hospitals. He trained in radiology in Liverpool and was appointed as a consultant in 1995.
In his early years as a consultant, he was chair of the Specialty Training and Education Committee and then on the Mersey School of Radiology board.
He was clinical director at Aintree during a major redevelopment programme, and Chair of the Medical Staff Committee. His first role at the College was as an elected Member of Council, followed by a role as the Mersey regional chair. He was elected to the Medical Director Professional Practice post in 2014.


Medical Director, Professional Practice, Clinical Oncology
(Registrar of the Faculty)
Dr David Bloomfield, Sussex (2015–2018)
Details of the role  

About Dr Bloomfield
Dr David Bloomfield is a clinical oncologist at the Sussex Cancer Centre. His specialist training was at The Middlesex Hospital, Mount Vernon and the Royal Marsden. Dr Bloomfield was heavily influenced by a 2 year Clinical Fellowship at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto where he completed the Clinical Epidemiology Program studying evidence based medicine and clinical trials. He was appointed as a consultant in Sussex in 1998. He has a longstanding interest in teaching and took over the running of the RCR Joint London Course, leading the migration of this course to become an MSc in Oncology at the Institute of Cancer Research in 2006 and continues as joint Course Director. He helped set up the RCR’s Management for Oncologists course and more recently introduced the academic foundation school Leadership Programme at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals in 2013. He actively supports clinical research and is a member of several national trial management groups. Dr Bloomfield was previously Lead Clinician for Cancer Services at Brighton and Sussex Hospitals and set up the Sussex Cancer Research Network in 2001. He is currently the Southern representative on the Radiotherapy Clinical Reference Group. Before taking up his current role of Medical Director Professional Practice, he served as a Part 1 Fellowship Examiner, and a member of the Specialist Training Advisory Committee for Clinical Oncology and the RCR Council. 


Joint Officers

( ) Signifies period of office