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The Royal College of Radiologists works with our members to improve the standard of practice across the fields of radiology and oncology.

We educate and support doctors throughout their career, and in turn, input from our members drives the RCR forward. Together, we are contributing to the advancement of each new generation of doctors.


About us

The role of the RCR, our aims and how to get involved


The RCR exam hub

Our new system has been designed to make booking your exams a simpler and quicker process. 

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RCR membership

Everything you need to know about our membership services and activities


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Events and online learning opportunities

Artificial intelligence (AI)

Welcome to the RCR hub for Artificial Intelligence (AI) advancements. 

Our strategy

Overview of our work, strategy, annual plans and annual reviews

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Opportunities to get involved in our work as a member of the RCR 


Keep abreast of news and developments in clinical radiology and clinical oncology  

Honours and awards

Honours, awards for achievement, CEAs and eponymous lectures 


Our governance structure, policies, procedures and regulations

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We have set up a task force to identify where we can make a difference

RCR’s commitment to tackling climate change

We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations in everything we do. 

International work

The RCR facilitates Fellows and members’ global outreach work. 

RCR calendar

View the calendar of RCR meetings and examinations 

Working UK-wide

RCR's activities across the devolved nations


Opportunities for professional networking

Working at the RCR

Are you interested in making a real difference in the healthcare sector to improve imaging and cancer care for all?

Venue hire

Our conference, event and meeting facilities


Promoting diversity and equity of opportunity within oncology and radiology

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