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Kaizen is the RCR's e-portfolio system used by trainees, supervisors and the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) panel to record evidence of competence progression through training, provide supervision to trainees and annual review of competence progression respectively. 

The Kaizen e-portfolio is a cloud-hosted platform that is designed to be flexible enough to be maintained in-house. It is also built from the start to be optimised for mobile devices. All the functions available on a desktop can also be used on tablets and mobile phones. In addition, it is also fully tested and reliable on all modern browsers: Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox.

Discontinuation of support for Internet Explorer

Kaizen users will no longer be able to login to the system through Internet Explorer from 1st July 2020. This is because the developers of the system (Fry IT) are discontinuing support for the browser in order to allow them to offer the best possible user experience across the platform. This applies to all versions of the browser. Their decision came as a result of Microsoft's introduction of Edge as a browser to supersede Internet Explorer in 2015. Internet Explorer has received no major updates and uses technology which does not support modern web standards while users are being discouraged from continued use by Microsoft.

We, therefore, recommend that you download and install any of the following version of browsers which are supported;

BrowserSupported Versions 
Chrome 2 most recent major versions 
Firefox2 most recent major versions 
Edge2 most recent major versions 
Safari2 most recent major versions 
iOS2 most recent major versions 
AndroidX (10.0), Pie (9.0), Oreo (8.0), Nougat (7.0)

Access the Kaizen platform

Kaizen improvement project update for our members and all Kaizen users

Based on the feedback received from the focused consultations with various user groups of the system, we have made the following changes and improvements.

Portfolio Export/Download

We are delighted to announce that the above has now been implemented in Kaizen, therefore trainees are now able to export/download either part or their full portfolio in both PDF and CSV formats. To do this, please follow the guidance by clicking on Guides on your Kaizen dashboard under Support & Guides to access the user guide.

Assessment forms

All assessment forms have been improved to let non-Kaizen account holders complete them for trainees.

WPBA table

  • Assessors' names and roles are now displayed on WPBA summary table on the trainees' summary page.
  • Assessments duplication on some trainees’ dashboards caused by data migration from the old e-portfolio has now been rectified – only the right sets of assessments now displays on these trainees’ dashboards.
  • The WPBA summary table has been adjusted to display only assessments completed in the last eight months on trainees’ summary page with functionality to select a date range to view completed WPBA for the period - you will need to click on the "View Full Report" button at the bottom of the table to use this functionality.

Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report

We have now reconfigured and improved this form and have also embedded the following reports:

  • Trainee’s training post-collection; provides details of all the posts covered by the trainee for the reporting period

  • Completed WPBAs; provides a count of all the workplace-based assessments done by the trainee within the reporting period

  • Summary of the clinical supervisor’s report; provides a collection of all the appraisals the trainee has completed with their clinical supervisors for the reporting period

Each of these also comes with a preview button which lets the user view the respective items in detail. There is also an option to change the date range for the period under review.

Personal Development Plan (PDP)

The PDP has been improved to let users select multiple categories on the same form. For each category selected, the system unpacks the following fields for that category:

  • Learning objective
  • How will the learning needs be addressed for this?
  • Evidence of progress/ attainment
  • Expected date of completion

There is also an actual date of completion at the bottom of the form.

Clinical and Educational Supervisor’s Initial Induction, Mid and End of Post/Year Appraisals

These have all been improved to import the PDP which trainees need to discuss with their Supervisors at appraisal meetings in terms of how they are progressing and evidence of attainment for their respective objectives. The supervisor or trainee can initiate the process which was previously not possible with both forms.

Trainee Dashboard Summary

The trainee's dashboard has been reconfigured to display all their key personal and training information. This is so that trainers can view their trainees’ dashboards at a glance.

If you have any specific problems/issues that need urgent attention, please continue to report them to the team on kaizen@rcr.ac.uk or call 0207 406 5925

Kaizen training resources

Help, advice and guidance for users new to the Kaizen system 

Kaizen FAQs

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