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CR Academic Committee members

The Academic Committee is the body that advises the Faculty on all matters relating to academic development and radiological research.

What we are looking for

The Clinical Radiology Academic Committee requires:

  • Two research active clinical radiologists from a university department. It is a requirement for the applicant to have a substantive contract with the University.
  • One non-clinical scientist involved in imaging research.

In your email, please specify which role you are applying for.

Eligibility and terms of office

Members serve on the Committee for a term of three years renewable for a further term of up to three years and no more. The second term is subject to mutual agreement.

Roles and responsibilities

Members of the Academic Committee are expected to contribute to discussion on all matters relating to academic development and radiological research and to assist the RCR in encouraging and fostering research in Clinical Radiology. The committee is particularly keen to support the development of academic pathways for trainees.

Members will be required to take an active part in the wider role and responsibilities of the Committee as a whole, full details of which can be found in the Terms of Reference. Specific responsibilities of members will include:

- To assess and make recommendations for the award of a number of research-related fellowships, bursaries, scholarships and grants, and the appointment of the Roentgen Professor.

- To help in the development of opportunities to provide academic career guidance and training in research techniques for research active and interested trainees and consultants.

- To explore methods by which the RCR can increase the number and quality of research-active and academic radiologists within the UK.


The main responsibility of Academic Committee members is to attend the three meetings of the Committee each year, to read papers in advance and to contribute to discussions on academic matters. The minimum time commitment would be three half days, with meetings being of a 2 - 3 hour duration, plus travelling time, and time for reading and preparation.

Selection criteria and process

Applicants are asked to submit a short CV and a brief cover statement outlining their experience in clinical radiology research, and their particular areas of interest in relation to encouraging research in the specialty. Please submit your application to the Governance Assistant by 5pm on Friday 19 July 2024.

Applications will be assessed by the Vice President of the Faculty in consultation with the Chair of the Academic Committee.