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Thursday 10 November 2016

You can now download the RCR Journals mobile app to access and read Journal content from both Clinical Oncology and Clinical Radiology. The app is free to download, but you will need to use your RCR Fellow and member registered email address and password in order to read full-text articles.


iPad/iPhone App

cover Download the RCR Journals app from the iTunes App Store to your device or just search RCR Journals in the App Store on your iPad/iPhone.

Android App

cover The RCR Journals app can be accessed here – or just search RCR Journals in the apps on Google Play App Store.

Fellows and members of the RCR

If you are an RCR Fellow or member you can use the same RCR website credentials to access the app.  Please note that your username is your email address and the fields are case sensitive.

  • Download the App from either iTunes or Google Play
  • Open the RCR Mobile App
  • When prompted to log in, choose The Royal College of Radiologists from the dropdown menu. Tap Next.
  • Now enter your RCR username (your e-mail address) and password. Tap Login.

TIP: Tap “Keep me logged in” to stay logged in on return visits and maintain your access.


  • Browse latest issues or jump to featured articles with just a tap!
  • Start reading while downloading: no more waiting!
  • Access to Journal archives back to 2011
  • Save articles for offline reading and add favorites to reading lists
Virology ReportsiPad, Android, and iPhone Editions are free to RCR Fellows and members and journal subscribers