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New patient information posters on the benefits and risks of imaging

The first in a new series of posters providing information to patients and their carers about the radiation used during common imaging procedures has been issued.

The nuclear medicine poster is the first one to have been produced by the multi-disciplinary Clinical Imaging Board (CIB).

In all there will be six posters which share a common design, and can be used together or separately, as required. As well as nuclear medicine imaging, they cover computerised tomography (CT)general X-raysdental X-raysfluoroscopy and symptomatic mammography.

They are aimed at helping patients to have a useful discussion with their health care professional and will also help hospital departments comply with the Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2017 and 2018.

Each poster has been designed to be printed locally as an A5 handout, or as an A3 or larger poster for noticeboards. They were created for the CIB by a group of professionals involved in imaging including Clinical Scientists, radiologists and radiographers. They were then tested with groups including lay members and patient representatives to refine them.

Steve Herring, Chair of the Clinical Imaging Board, said: ‘These posters will provide clear and accessible information for patients and carers. They complement the expertise of staff who talk to patients on an individual basis, by answering questions patients may have while they are in the waiting room.

‘It is very important that patients are aware that the potential small risk from ionising radiation from the imaging procedure has been assessed by a specialist, and that the test can go ahead because the benefits outweigh the risks. These posters will help to get over this key message.’

Clinical Imaging Board patient information posters