RCR Newsletter


In the Summer 2021 issue of the RCR Newsletter we take a look at what makes a good leader and the challenges leaders have faced over the past year. 


What makes an effective leader?

Effective clinical leadership is essential to build a high-quality healthcare system that provides safe patient care.


Leadership from many perspectives

I am sure that many readers will have seen the excellent series of articles on leadership published in Clinical Radiology over t


Leadership during the pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on all of us.


Leadership – how can we get it right?

Many years ago, when embarking on a management training course, I did a leadership simulation task with a group of strangers.


My approach to leadership

I’m not sure whether I knew these things before I was in a leadership role or whether I just hadn’t formally thought about them, but I ho


High time for digital leadership

The current pandemic has triggered a massive impetus for digital change. COVID-19 forces traditional leaders to question almost ever