RCR Newsletter


In the Autumn 2021 issue of the RCR Newsletter we look back at the history of our specialties and reflect on the progress that's been made since their inception.  


A short history of radiological protection

Geoff is Honorary Secretary and a Trustee of the British Society for the History of Radiology.


A career in radiology

My journey to the top table of The Royal College of Radiologists started in October 1963 when Major KC Simpkins RAMC (Royal Army Medical&


Pioneers in the early days of chest radiology

One of the early pioneers of chest imaging was Francis Williams (1852–1936), considered by many to be the father of American chest radiol


Sir Stanford Cade

In 1898 Marie and Pierre Curie discovered radium (Figure 1) and therapeutic possibilities were immediately apparent.


From radium to radium A very personal reflection

In 2015 I had the unexpected honour of being invited to give a public lecture on behalf of the RCR.