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The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) is a charity that works with our members to improve the standard of medical practice across the fields of radiology and oncology. With faculties in two disciplines, the RCR and our members benefit from a fuller understanding of medical practice, across the spectrum of diagnosis and treatment.

We collaborate impartially with our members and external parties from across the medical industry, refining the latest research and guidelines into relevant applications for radiologists and oncologists. This work can be carried out efficiently because resources and processes are shared across our two faculties. 

This enables us to educate and support doctors effectively throughout their career, providing practical guidance, training and assessment. In turn, input from our members, through academic contributions, professional consultation and mentorship, drives the RCR forward.

Together, we have been contributing to the advancement of each new generation of doctors for over 40 years.


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Our current President is Dr Katharine Halliday

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