Provision of interventional radiology services, Second edition

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Interventional radiology has revolutionised patient care in a wide range of diseases. It has produced major improvements in safe, patient-focused care and is cost effective. 

Many surgical procedures have been replaced or enhanced by the provision of IR services, as well as allowing new treatments for patients that were not previously feasible. 

The provision of IR services remains variable, with many hospitals having limited, or in some instances, no direct access, this is particularly true out of hours. 

This document demonstrates the range of services offered by interventional radiologists and sets out the core requirements for the provision of an IR service both in district general hospitals and tertiary or teaching hospitals, advising on how services may be set up collaboratively within regions to offer the highest quality of care to patients. 

This document has been jointly produced by the RCR and the British Society of Interventional Radiology.