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RCR Open joins Clinical Radiology and Clinical Oncology as the latest addition to The Royal College of Radiologists portfolio of world-class journals.

RCR Open is a fully open access, peer-reviewed, multidisciplinary journal which will reflect the diverse interests of the RCR's Clinical Oncology and Clinical Radiology Faculties. It will embrace all areas of diagnostic imaging, oncology, radiobiology, artificial intelligence and translational oncology with the ultimate aim of improving outcomes for patients.

The journal will provide the latest insights for:

  • Radiologists
  • Radiographers
  • Oncologists 
  • Radiotherapists
  • Radiobiologists
  • Cancer scientists
  • Educators
  • Policy makers.

Its multidisciplinary approach will allow readers to keep up-to-date with developments in their own fields, as well as related. Whilst broad in scope, the journal has a special interest in receiving submissions on the contemporary and evolving topics such as artificial intelligence, radiomics, advanced imaging techniques, and novel therapeutics. RCR Open will also address technical developments, informatics, practice policies and lifelong learning. Each issue will be carefully selected by our team of international experts to provide a combination of high-quality original research, state-of-the-art reviews, informative editorials, current best-practices, and novel case reports.

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