Molecular radiotherapy: guidance for clinicians: report from the Intercollegiate Standing Committee on Nuclear Medicine

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The Intercollegiate Standing Committee on Nuclear Medicine (ICSCNM) is committed to the continuing development of molecular radiotherapy. Close liaison between clinicians from a number of different specialties is essential to ensure high-quality service delivery in radionuclide therapy across a range of clinical indications. This document is a revision of the first edition, published in 2014 and takes account of recent changes and developments. It covers the licensing and organisational aspects of handling radioactive isotopes, as well as issues that relate to clinical practice, delegation and team working.

This document aims to:

  • Provide guidance for clinical teams delivering molecular radiotherapy and focuses on medical staff
  • Define the roles and key responsibilities of specialists involved in delivering molecular radiotherapy
  • Emphasise the importance of training, skills and maintenance of competence for all staff involved in caring for patients receiving molecular radiotherapy
  • Describe the requirement for close liaison within a skilled multiprofessional team and appropriate infrastructure to ensure high-quality molecular radiotherapy service provision
  • Identify the specialists required in multidisciplinary teams delivering specific molecular radiotherapy treatments.

Please note that this document was originally published with reference number BFCO(19)9 but was corrected to BFCO(19)4 in January 2020. No content was changed.