Guidance on screening and symptomatic breast imaging, Fourth edition

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This fourth edition of our guidance on breast imaging reflects advances in the role of imaging, image-guided diagnosis and intervention that have changed practice since the publication of the previous edition. Given the significant changes in the screening, investigation of patients with suspected breast disease and the treatment of patients with breast cancer over recent years, this edition is a complete revision which also now includes recommendations for the investigation of patients presenting with breast symptoms. 

Change log
29 November 2019

Page 13: At present, there is no evidence base for carrying out staging prior to neoadjuvant chemotherapy in ≤ T2 tumours with ≤ N1 disease.

Original copy had < rather than ≤.

29 November 2019

Page 13: ≥4 abnormal nodes at axillary ultrasound or ≥4 macrometastatic nodes at axillary

Original copy had > rather than ≥.

The BSBR has clarified its recommendations for the management of breast pain stated in this guideline in a letter available on their website.