Clinical radiology UK workforce census 2015 report

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The radiologist workforce remains the key focus for the RCR; the data collected in the census underpin our work to influence UK healthcare policy and to make the case to governments and regulatory bodies to increase
clinical radiologist training numbers.

Awareness of the ongoing shortage of radiologists in the face of increasing clinical demands has been established with governments and regulatory bodies based on information collected through the RCR annual workforce censuses. The information also feeds into policy initiatives, for example, on access to imaging services, early diagnosis of cancer and seven-day NHS services. Successful implementation of these initiatives is dependent on the sufficient availability of radiologists. The format and scope of this report closely follows those published since the first RCR workforce census in 2008. For the 2015 report, information from national sources on imaging examinations is used to highlight the increasing clinical demands made on radiologists.

An infographic and PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key findings from the 2015 census are also available.