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Welcome to the press office for The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR).

The media team are here to help journalists source expert commentary, background information and statistics on a wide range of topics relating to medical imaging and cancer care, including:

  • Diagnostic imaging scans (such as X-rays, CT, MRI and PET-CT scans) and cutting-edge interventional radiology procedures
  •  All types of non-surgical cancer treatment, including radiotherapy, proton beam therapy, chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs
  • New types of scanning equipment, cancer treatments and the implementation of artificial intelligence in imaging and cancer care
  • Issues impacting the NHS’ provision of imaging, interventional radiology and clinical oncology services across the UK, including medical training, equipment and workforce numbers and expertise.    

For an overview of the RCR’s two medical specialities, please see our background media briefings for clinical radiology and clinical oncology

We can also supply a selection of still images to help illustrate health stories. 

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