Support and wellbeing

Developing resources on support and wellbeing is a cross-faculty policy priority for the RCR.

With a focus on prevention, a working group has been convened to identify the root causes and wider impact of stress in both specialties and support members in maintaining their wellbeing and promote a supportive working culture. Long-term, unaddressed burnout can have devastating consequences including chronic health conditions, a low sense of professional accomplishment and quality of patient care.

RCR resources

  • Video: recognising the signs of stress and burnout by Dr Anthea Cree, CO Fellow, The Christie (member login required.)
  • Webinar: Supporting oncology service leaders during COVID-19 held on 8 April 2020 by Dr Tom Roques, CO Medical Director, Professional Practice and Professor Gwen Adshead (consultant psychiatrist) Currently unavailable.
  • Webinar: Supporting Clinical Radiology trainees during COVID-19 Pandemic held on 24 April 2020 by Dr Caroline Rubin, CR Vice-President, Dr Teik Choon See, RCR Patient Safety Adviser and Professor Gwen Adshead. Currently unavailable.
  • Report published in April 2021: Care is not just for the patient

Support and wellbeing working group members

 Professor Gwen Adshead - Advisor (consultant psychiatrist)

 Clinical Radiology  Clinical Oncology
 Professor Mark Callaway Dr Tom Roques (Chair)
 Dr Teik Choon See (Group Lead) Dr Martin Hogg (Group Lead)
 Dr Victoria Trainer (Group Lead) Dr Nicola Thorp (Group Lead)

 Dr Caroline Rubin

 Dr Hannah Tween
 Dr Amy Davis  Dr Hannah Tharmalingam
 Dr Elizabeth Dick Dr Frances Yuille 
 Dr Julian Elford   Dr Ai-Lee Chang 
 Dr Nazia Malik (trainee) Dr Anthea Cree
 Dr Ronny Sandhu Dr Jackie Clarke
 Dr Pat Set Dr Angela Swampillai

 Dr Matthew Trewhella

 Dr Lucia Chen (trainee) 

The RCR is a member of the RCSed Alliance Against Bullying and Undermining Campaign and BMA Wellbeing Stakeholder Group

Resources from other healthcare organisations

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Resources from other Royal Colleges

  • The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges has signposted to a range of useful resources 

  • The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists have established the Supporting our Doctors Task Group to support doctors in difficulty. They have developed an Undermining Tool Kit aimed at all career stages and roles in conjunction with the Royal College of Midwives to improve workplace behaviours. Other resources include a network of Workplace Behaviour Champions, who are all members, to address undermining and bullying behaviour.

  • The Royal College of Emergency Medicine offers a range of guidance for clinical directors, executive boards, trainees, SAS doctors, consultants and employers and commissioners..

  • The Royal College of Psychiatrists have a long-standing Psychiatrist Support Service and Help sheets with useful tips

  • The Royal College of Surgeons offers a confidential support and advice helpline to support surgeons in difficulty.

  • The Royal College of General Practitioners hold regular wellbeing events such as clay modelling, socials, mindfulness, increasing resilience and collaboration with parkrun UK.

  • Report from The Royal College of Psychiatrists: work and wellbeing in the NHS: why staff health matters to patient care  

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Your suggestions

Are your aware of a wellbeing resource or service that has been beneficial? Please share your ideas and recommendations with us.