Exam booking FAQs

Please find a list of frequently asked questions below to help you when accessing and using our new exam hub. We are working hard to provide you with as much information as possible and will be reviewing and updating this section on a regular basis.

If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, please contact the exams team on exams@rcr.ac.uk or 020 7406 5905.


Why have I not been emailed a link after entering my RCR number as my username?

  • Have you added/updated your email address in your MyRCR account on the website? You cannot get a link without it.
  • Please check that you entered the correct RCR number.

I can access the Exam Hub, but why do I have no exam history and can only access First exams?

  • You have not taken an exam since 2015 and therefore your exam history has not been automatically added. Please contact the Exams Team to let them know you wish to book, and they will let you know as soon as your profile has been updated.
  • You have registered more than once in MyRCR, and you are not using the RCR number that is linked to your exam history. Please find the correct RCR number and ask the Exams Team to deactivate your duplicate account

I can access the Exam Hub, but why am I not able to book an exam?

  • Are you booking in the right booking period? Please check the exam dates and fee pages to find out when you are eligible to book.
  • Is this a duplicate account? Does it show your correct exam history? Please check to make sure you are logging into the correct account.

Why has my priority changed?

  • Access to exams is now linked to membership and there are no longer priority 1 and 2 categories. To access earlier booking slots you need to become a member. Singapore and Hong Kong members will be able to book at the same time as UK Trainees.


Can you please book me on the exam over the phone?

  • No – we are no longer taking phone bookings. Please see our website to see find out how to book.

Can I book exams for the future without having attempted exams earlier in the FRCR journey?

  • No – you need to have a passed or failed result next to the one exam you are registered for before you can book another exam of the same type or book an exam in the next pathway stage.

What happens if I fail my exam and the next sitting is already full?

  • UK Trainees: RCR will ensure you can take the next exam. Capacity should always be available – please contact the Exams Team if you cannot find a location to book.
  • Members and non-members: The Exam Hub allows more capacity to be available to all. When you have a result for your last exam, please view the options to book the next exam.

Why can't I book into my closest venue? 

  • Whilst we endeavour to offer sufficient seats for candidates in each venue - based on training location of UK candidates and previous take-up - on occasion we are not able to accommodate every candidate at their preferred venue. Booking windows are open for an extended period of time to enable you to check back and see if other candidates have cancelled or rescheduled and enable you to book if a place becomes available.

What can I do if I can’t book because all places are full?

  • The booking windows are open for an extended period of time to enable you to check back and see if other candidates have cancelled or rescheduled and enable you to book if a place becomes available.

Can I be added to a waiting list?

  • No – we are not operating with a waiting list functionality currently; however, this may be introduced in 2023.

Why can’t I see all the venues listed on the website?

  • Not all venues are open to all access groups. You can only book the venues you can see.


Why have the fees gone up?

  • We are doing everything we can to keep our exam fees as low as possible. The RCR exam format is world class, and we are absolutely committed to retaining all the aspects of our exams that our Fellows and members appreciate and rely on, including delivering multiple exams across the year. Our costs are going up considerably and we have had to reflect this in our exam fees, while doing everything we can to ensure they remain affordable for our trainees. The fees charged to trainees do not represent the entire costs of delivering exams.

Why must I pay to reschedule my exam?

  • We urge candidates to think carefully about when and where is the best place for them to take their exam. Changes affect the capacity at venues and will sometimes prevent others from being able to book, but the RCR understands that sometimes changes are necessary, so the option is available for those who need it.

Why can’t I reschedule to a different country?

  • The price of exams is different in different locations. To change country, you would need to cancel and then rebook.

Why has the system stopped me from rescheduling?

  • You have a maximum of three opportunities to reschedule before you must cancel instead.

Exam history

Why does my exam history for CR2B look different?

  • We’re making some changes to the way you now book your FRCR Part 2B (Radiology) exam. This is to build flexibility into the operational platform to support any potential future changes to the exam. This means that, if you’ve taken the exam before, you’ll see that your attempts have been split into two parts (reporting and oral) and can be viewed as below:
    • FRCR Part 2B (Radiology) – Reporting
    • FRCR Part 2B (Radiology) – Oral
  • When you log into your RCR account, you’ll only need to book and pay for the reporting exam and will be automatically booked on to the oral exam.
  • The rest of the exam content and delivery will remain the same, which means reporting exams will always be on a Friday and oral exams will take place on every day during the following week.
  • Your result will be displayed in the same format and will be in two parts.
  • There is no change to the scoring system or any other elements of CR2B, this is a platform-related change and only affects how your booking and previous attempts are displayed.

My exam history is not correct.

  • Please contact the Exams Team who will check your record, and if incorrect, will make sure it is updated as soon as possible to permit you to move ahead with future bookings.