The RCR exam hub

The RCR’s exam hub offers an improved exam booking and exam management experience.

Our system has been designed to make booking your exams a simpler and quicker process. As part of this, some processes and regulations have changed. The key information is shared below; please contact with any additional questions. 

Access the exam hub

Quick links: 

Exam booking FAQs | Exam refund and reschedule policy | Clinical radiology examinations | Clinical oncology examinations

Main benefits of the exam hub

  • You can manage your bookings online, including rescheduling
  • You have increased flexibility over your booking and choice of exam dates
  • Membership priority access
  • Receiving results online more quickly
  • UK Training Programme Directors will receive UK results direct through Kaizen


1. How to access the exam hub

Your RCR number – the six-digit number on all your RCR correspondence – will be your username for the exam hub.

  • Do you know your RCR number?

Don’t wait until the last minute to find out. Make a note of it today and keep it in a safe place – it’s your key to booking and managing all your exams

  • Are you booking an exam for the first time and need an RCR number? 

Ensure that you register on the RCR website at least one week ahead of the application booking window for the exam that you wish to book. This is to allow time for the exam hub to update with your details ahead of the bookings opening.  Please DO NOT create a new RCR account if you have sat exams previously – the same RCR number must be used

Screen grab of the My RCR portal

1.1 Enter your RCR number on the exam hub in the username field and you will be sent an email giving you access.
1.2 The email link will last for seven hours, after which time a new link will be required to log in. 
1.3 Please make sure that your email address is up to date in your MyRCR profile on the website.
1.4 Changes made in your MyRCR profile will be updated in the exam hub within 24 hours.

N.B. Anyone with an account for the RCR website will have an RCR number; this is not connected to membership subscriptions.

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2. Exam Pathways

2.1 There are three exam pathways in the exam hub: Clinical Radiology, Dental Radiology, and Clinical Oncology.
2.2 If you have already taken RCR exams, or are booked onto an exam before the end of 2022, then the exam hub will already know the pathway you are on.
2.3 If you are using the exam hub for the first time and have not yet booked an RCR exam then you will be asked to select your pathway when you book your first exam.
2.4 The exam hub will give you access to all the exams you are eligible to book in that pathway stage.
2.5 Always use the same RCR number; a different RCR number will assume you are starting your pathway again.

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3. Managing bookings online

3.1 You will be expected to book, cancel and reschedule your bookings online while bookings are open.
3.2 Online bookings will close at least eight weeks before an exam date.
3.3 After the booking closing date the RCR exams team can reschedule, but not cancel, an exam booking on your behalf. Rescheduling after the booking closing date is at the discretion of the RCR. See the Refund and rescheduling policy for further details.
3.4 To help you reschedule your exam if you need to, most exams will offer multiple booking options each time.

3.5 Preparation ahead of booking an exam for the first time

  • If you are booking an exam for the first time, please ensure that you register on the RCR website at least one week ahead of the application booking window for the exam that you wish to book. This is to allow time for the exam hub to update with your details ahead of the bookings opening.  Please DO NOT create a new RCR account if you have sat exams previously – the same RCR number must be used.
  • If you have already an RCR account, log in using your RCR number a few days before bookings open.
  • You will receive an email to the address in your profile with a link to give you access to your area.
  • Update any mandatory information in your profile ahead of time and choose your pathway.

3.6 Booking an exam

  • Log in and select the available exam you would like to book and follow the booking journey.
  • Once the booking journey is finished, the exams should appear on your profile as completed bookings.

3.7 Cancelling or rescheduling an exam

  • Log in and go to your exam history.
  • Click ‘View’ for the exam you wish to cancel or reschedule.
  • Choose the ‘Cancel Booking’ option and follow the cancellation journey.


  • Choose the ‘Reschedule Booking’ option and follow the rescheduling journey.

N.B See 4.0 for cancellation and rescheduling charges.

3.8 Waiting lists

  • We are currently not using waiting lists.

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4. Paying for your exam

4.1 All payment is immediate at the time of booking.
4.2 A separate payment must be made for each exam booked.
4.3 If a new booking is cancelled within seven days, a full refund will be provided.
4.4 If a new booking is cancelled after seven days but before the booking closing date a 90% refund will be provided.
4.5 If a cancellation is made after the booking closing date, there will be no refund.
4.6 Rescheduling can happen at any time before the booking closing date. An administrative charge will be made each time an exam is rescheduled.
4.7 A maximum of three reschedules for any exam type will be allowed, after that booking must be cancelled instead.
4.8 Rescheduling after the booking closing date is at the discretion of the RCR and an administrative charge will still apply.

See the Refund and rescheduling policy for further details.

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5. Membership priority access

5.1 For booking for 2023 onwards, priority access to booking will be grouped by three categories:

1. Members – UK Trainees
2. Members
3. Non-members

5.2 For 2024 exams onwards, member bookings (including UK trainees) will open 2 weeks ahead of non-member bookings.
5.3 If you wish to apply for membership you must do so ahead of making your exam application.  For up-to-date information regarding how to apply for membership and the time-scale involved, please visit the How to become a Member webpage.
5.4 RCR wishes to encourage exam candidates to become members of RCR, and priority access and reduced fees for exams are a valued membership benefit. These benefits are only available to members who are in good standing (with no outstanding fees) and whose membership is continual and ongoing. Members who are not in good standing (either with outstanding membership fees or those who have cancelled their membership) will not be able to access these membership benefits. If you cancel your membership before taking an exam, or within a year of having taken an exam using the reduced fees reserved for members, you will no longer be eligible for these benefits and this may result in you needing to re-book the exam using the standard fee or the distribution of your exam results being delayed until fees due are settled or any membership issues are resolved.

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6. Declaration

6.1 Part of the booking journey will be to sign the declaration form for the exam booking.
6.2 The declaration will include:

  • Having passed the pre-requisite exams.
  • Having completed the right amount of training to proceed (Member – UK Trainee).
  • Having informed and had agreement from a Training Programme Director that you are ready to sit the exam (Member – UK Trainee).
  • Not having exceeded the maximum number of attempts or sittings (as appropriate).
  • Any other exam specific appropriate requirement.

6.3 The declaration will be subject to change.

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7. Results

7.1 Your results will be visible in the exam hub on the published exam results date.
7.2 You will receive an automated email letting you know that results are available.
7.3 Results on the hub will include: Pass mark, Score, Pass/Fail and more detailed results will continue to be sent via email in the short term.
7.4 Feedback will still be sent later for relevant exams, following the exam rules for feedback for that exam.
7.5 On results day, Member – UK Trainee results will also be uploaded to Kaizen. Training Programme Directors will be notified that results are available and will be able to look up their trainees.

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8. Incident reporting

8.1 You can now report procedural irregularities experienced during an exam via the Exam Hub. 
8.2 On the homepage, click the blue view button for the applicable exam booking under 'My Exams'. 
8.3 On the following page, click the 'Exam Incident Form' button. (This button will first appear on the day of the exam and for a further 48 hours after exam finish time.) 

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9. Appealing results

9.1 If you fail an exam and wish to appeal your result, you must have submitted an incident form either at the venue or online within 48 hours of the exam. For more information about the grounds and criteria for appealing, please read the Appeal Policy.
9.2 If you meet the criteria and have sufficient grounds, you may raise an appeal via the Exam Hub.  
3 On the homepage, click the blue view button for the applicable exam booking under 'My Exams'. Under your result, click the blue ‘Appeal Result’ button. This button will be visible on the day the results are published and will remain for a total of 20 working days. 
4 Complete all mandatory fields in the form. You also have the option to attach documents or images. The final step is payment of the appeal fee.

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