Work on our journals

The RCR's two monthly academic journals are highly valued member benefits. We encourage anyone working in clinical oncology and clinical radiology to submit articles for consideration, to undertake reviews or become a member of the Editorial Board for either Clinical Oncology or Clinical Radiology

Getting involved with the journals provides an opportunity to broaden your network, collaborating with peers from around the world. Plus you will be contributing to the RCR and your specialty while keeping abreast of the latest findings in your field. 

Why become a reviewer?

If you would like to become a reviewer for either journal, please do get in touch by sending a short CV and your areas of interest to the publications team.

All reviewers for our monthly journals will receive complimentary access to the scientific research databases ScienceDirect and Scopus for a month via the Reviewer Hub. This access can commence at any time convenient for you within six months after you have accepted your review invitation. 

The Reviewer Hub is an engagement platform and provides reviewers with a means of showcasing their efforts and receiving credit for their work. The platform offers reviewers a personalised profile page, documenting their reviewing history and review certificates.


RCR Open

The RCR is excited to announce the launch of its first gold open access journal RCR Open – bringing together experts in the fields of radiology and oncology to publish the latest in cutting-edge scientific research to an international audience.

Launching later this year, RCR Open will be published monthly to both members and readers worldwide and provide essential reading for those interested in the latest news and developments in clinical radiology and clinical oncology. The new journal will be dedicated to featuring a wide range of content covering original papers, review articles, commentaries and informative editorials.

RCR Open will act as a web-based sister journal to the Clinical Oncology and Clinical Radiology journals and will publish content of interest to both RCR faculties in a single publication. It means that high-profile clinical radiology and oncology research papers will be freely available at the point of access for anyone to read online.

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