Exam refund and reschedule policy

Last updated: September 2022

The RCR’s exam hub enables candidates to book their exams up to one year in advance and to manage those bookings online. This includes the ability to cancel or reschedule an exam up until the published booking closing date. Changes after the booking closing date must be made by contacting the Exams Team.

Paying for an exam

  • Candidates will need a debit or credit card to book an exam.
  • Payment must be taken at the time of booking to secure a place on an exam.
  • On completing the booking, the candidate will receive confirmation on screen as well as a confirmation email.
  • Bookings, up until the booking closing date, can only be made online using the Exam Hub. The RCR Exams Team is unable to take new bookings over email or phone.

Cancelling an exam before the booking closing date

  • Candidates can cancel their exam booking, and request a refund, by logging onto the Exam Hub.
  • A full refund can be claimed if requested within seven days of booking an exam (so long as this is before the booking closing date).
  • A 90% refund is available after seven days and before the booking closing date.
  • Candidates who want to change their booking to a different country, or from a venue to a remote invigilated (online) exam, will need to cancel the booking to claim a refund and then rebook. This is due to variations in price.

Rescheduling an exam before the booking closing date

  • Candidates can reschedule to future exams online by logging into the Exam Hub. A rescheduling fee will apply.
  • A candidate can only reschedule the same exam three times. After three times, the candidate will need to cancel instead.
  • Candidates can only reschedule to a different venue or sitting in the same country. (The four nations in the United Kingdom act as one country for this purpose. Candidates can, therefore, reschedule to any of the four UK countries).

Cancelling or rescheduling an exam after the booking closing date

  • If a candidate is unable to sit an exam after the booking closing date, they should contact the Exams Team at exams@rcr.ac.uk to reschedule or cancel their place.
  • Candidates cannot reschedule on or after the exam day.
  • If a candidate chooses to cancel instead of rescheduling, no refund will be provided.
  • Valid reasons for rescheduling after the booking closing date include illness, involvement in an accident, bereavement of a close family member.

The RCR does not provide refunds for travel or accommodation costs in any circumstance.

The RCR’s decision regarding the provision of a refund is final.