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RCR guidance and standards cover a wide range of topics including the delivery of high-quality radiology services, guidance on good practice, use of information technology resources and workforce reports. Electronic copies of the majority of our publications are available to download free of charge. 

All of our guidance and standards are drafted by working parties including Fellows and members of the RCR.

Publications are reviewed regularly by the Clinical Radiology Professional Support and Standards Board to ensure that they remain relevant and up to date.

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iRefer: making the best use of clinical radiology, eighth edition - BFCR(17)2

The essential radiological investigation guidelines from The Royal College of Radiologists. This edition: Conforms to the highest evidence-based standards Protects the patient from unnecessary ionising radiation Supports early diagnosis, which can shorten patient management pathways Provides recommendations based on current, evidence-based guidelines, focusing on those most relevant to primary and emergency care Provides the evidence base for which imaging resources can be used efficiently and effectively, while providing a rational basis to ensure the best use of time and other resources in...

Interventional oncology: guidance for service delivery, second edition - RCR(17)2

Outlining best practice in interventional oncology, looking at current models of practice, clarifying areas of responsibility and the importance of the interventional radiology procedures being part of the multidisciplinary care pathway of patients

Standards for providing a 24-hour interventional radiology service, second edition - BFCR(17)1

This guidance is for reference only. Access to interventional radiology services is necessary to ensure patient safety. This document will help you to ensure you have a safe 24 hour interventional radiology service.

Standards for the provision of teleradiology within the United Kingdom, second edition - BFCR(16)8

This updated teleradiology guidance sets out the standards for the sharing of imaging data and for outsourcing reporting outside of the local healthcare organisation.
CPD fourth edition cover image

Continuing professional development (CPD) scheme, Fourth edition - RCR(16)2

Describing the RCR CPD scheme for doctors who have completed their specialist training and are working in clinical oncology or clinical radiology.

Who shares wins: efficient, collaborative radiology solutions - RCR(16)4

This document has been withdrawn. For current RCR guidance on this topic, please see Radiology reporting networks – Understanding the technical options

The clinical radiology workforce in Scotland: 2015 census report - BFCR(16)7

This report provides data relating to radiology in Scotland and specifically highlights the important issues being faced by radiology departments in Scotland

Clinical radiology UK workforce census 2015 report - BFCR(16)6

The radiologist workforce remains the key focus for the RCR; the data collected in the census underpin our work to influence UK healthcare policy and to make the case to governments and regulatory bodies to increase clinical radiologist training numbers

Standards for the reporting of imaging investigations by non-radiologist medically qualified practitioners - BFCR(16)5

This document has been withdrawn (as per a decision at the Professional Support and Standards Board meeting in May 2018). For current RCR guidance on this topic, please see Standards for interpretation and reporting of imaging investigations

Evidence-based indications for the use of PET-CT in the United Kingdom 2016 - BFCR(16)3

Updated guidelines for the use of PET-CT in the UK, building on the evidence cited in previous editions


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List of the guidance relating to information technology (IT) and radiology


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