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RCR guidance and standards cover a wide range of topics including the delivery of high-quality radiology services, guidance on good practice, use of information technology resources and workforce reports. Electronic copies of the majority of our publications are available to download free of charge. 

All of our guidance and standards are drafted by working parties including Fellows and members of the RCR.

Publications are reviewed regularly by the Clinical Radiology Professional Support and Standards Board to ensure that they remain relevant and up to date.

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Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and guidelines on diagnostic display devices, third edition - BFCR(19)2

Diagnostic images are reviewed in multiple settings and the specific requirements for diagnostic display devices are outlined dependent on whether this is primary diagnostic work, clinical review work or mobile review of radiology images. The importance of the viewing environment – physical and ergonomic – should always be taken into consideration alongside the performance of the diagnostic display devices. The current guidance incorporates relevant areas of and supersedes Picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and quality assurance, second edition, which is now withdrawn. This...

Guidance on implementing safety checklists for radiological procedures, second edition - BFCR(19)1

The use of checklists can help to prevent incidents and should be part of a culture of patient safety. This guidance highlights key considerations when writing and implementing safety checklists.

Clinical radiology UK workforce census 2017 report - BFCR(18)5

The annual workforce census results provides vital, highly detailed information that can be used to highlight to the Government and policy makers the increasing disparity between demands being placed on radiology departments and the workforce available to provide this.

Setting up a regional or national radiology digital teaching archive - BFCR(18)4

Expert advice on the technical requirement to facilitate submission of cases to regional or national teaching archives

Standards for angiography and image-guided endovascular interventions - BFCR(18)3

This guidance covers the end-to-end process of delivering safe angoigraphy and endovascular interventional services, including patient care from pre- to post-procedure, facilities and patient hand over

Sedation, analgesia and anaesthesia in the radiology department, second edition - BFCR(18)2

This document provides a detailed overview of the issues associated with the use of sedation, anaesthesia and analgesia in the radiology department to help ensure that safe practices are in place
Image of the front cover of Standards for interpretation and reporting of imaging investigations, Second edition

Standards for interpretation and reporting of imaging investigations, Second edition - BFCR(18)1

This document replaces the 2006 first edition and provides an update to the standards that should be attained by any doctor or healthcare professional providing a report on an imaging investigation

Guidance on the use of patient images obtained as part of standard care for teaching, training and research - BFCR(17)7

This document is intended to guide decision-making when using images acquired as part of patient care for education, research and service delivery planning

Clinical radiology UK workforce census 2016 report - BFCR(17)6

The radiologist workforce remains the key focus for the RCR; the data collected in the census underpin our work to influence UK healthcare policy and to make the case to governments and regulatory bodies to increase clinical radiologist training numbers.

Lifelong learning and building teams using peer feedback - BFCR(17)5

For information only
This guidance is available for information only. This document outlines the processes and benefits of using both peer review and peer feedback within radiology departments.

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