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RCR guidance and standards cover a wide range of topics including the delivery of high-quality radiology services, guidance on good practice, use of information technology resources and workforce reports. Electronic copies of the majority of our publications are available to download free of charge. 

All of our guidance and standards are drafted by working parties including Fellows and members of the RCR.

Publications are reviewed regularly by the Clinical Radiology Professional Support and Standards Board to ensure that they remain relevant and up to date.

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Paediatric radiology experts - BFCR(11)9

This statement looks at issues faced by paediatric radiologists both as general radiologists working in district general hospitals and also those who provide specialist second opinions at tertiary centres, and demonstrates how The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) proposes to support them.

Management of Incidental Findings Detected During Research Imaging - BFCR(11)8

The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the Scottish Imaging Network: A Platform for Scientific Excellence (SINAPSE) led a UK-wide initiative, supported by the Wellcome Trust, which has resulted in the publication of a report, Management of Incidental Findings Detected During Research Imaging , which is enclosed. Imaging plays an essential role in medical research. Unexpected or incidental abnormal findings arising in the course of imaging research are common; around 3% to 12% in brain imaging and up to 30% in body imaging. Such unexpected findings can have profound implications for a...

Governance of radiology picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) following the United Kingdom deployment, 2006–2010 - 2011

For information only
PACS deployment has been a busy and challenging time for British radiology departments. It seemed sensible to review this deployment and to audit its governance arrangements against standards developed by the Information Technology and Standards Sub-Committees of The Royal College of Radiologists.

Standards in vascular radiology - BFCR(11)6

This guidance has been withdrawn and replaced with Standards for angiography and image-guided endovascular interventions

Imaging for non-accidental injury (NAI): use of anatomical markers - BFCR(11)5

This document has been withdrawn and superseded by The radiological investigation of suspected physical abuse in children which is available at

Guidelines and standards for implementation of new PACS/RIS solutions in the UK - BFCR(11)4

The main purpose of this paper is to support those organisations which are undergoing or approaching the stage of procuring a new PACS/RIS in terms of operational and technical requirements by means of raising awareness of various national and international standards that support interoperability between PACS and RIS and PACS vendors.

Standards of practice and guidance for trauma radiology in severely injured patients - BFCR(11)3

The purpose of this publication is to set standards related to diagnostic and interventional radiology for use by major trauma centres (MTCs) and trauma units (TUs).

Guidance for appointments to specialty doctor posts - RCR(11)2

This document has been superceded by RCR(15)5: Guidance for appointments to associate specialist and specialty doctor posts.

Standards and recommendations for the reporting and interpretation of imaging investigations by non-radiologist medically qualified practitioners and teleradiologists - BFCR(11)2

This document has been superseded Standards for the reporting of imaging investigations by non-radiologist medically qualified practitioners

Guidelines for the Investigation of Newborn Infants who suffer a Sudden and Unexpected Postnatal Collapse In the First Week of Life - 2011

Funded by WellChild, a professional multidisciplinary group has developed guidelines specifically for the investigation of infants who suffer a sudden and unexpected collapse in the first week of life. These guidelines are not intended to replace the RCPCH guidance for the investigation of Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy but aims to improve the likelihood of diagnosis in this group of newborn infants.

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