What is it really like to be a radiologist...

As a senior consultant

In training

  • Dr Omar Azmat tells us about his life as a Clinical Fellow in musculoskeletal radiology in Canada! 
  • Dr Helen Cliffe explains why and how she ended up choosing a career in clinical radiology and why she has never regretted it since
  • Dr Noor Jawad describes a typical working day as a clinical radiology trainee
  • Dr Roma Patel reflects upon both her journey into clinical radiology and her experience as a first-year trainee 
  • Dr Bethan Davis talks about why she chose radiology, what the challenges are and she has some advice for medical students and foundation trainees considering their career options

As a medical student

  • Safa Siddiqi tells us how she became involved with radiology at medical school and gives advice to fellow undergraduates who are interested in the specialty
  • Zeeshan Kazmi highlights opportunities to gain radiological experience where there is limited exposure to radiology at medical school.

Becoming a radiologist

Developed by the European Society of Radiology, 'Becoming a radiologist' is a guide for those interested in a career in radiology, medical imaging and interventional radiology.

Interventional Radiology

Produced by the British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) the informative video explains what Interventional Radiology (or 'image-guided surgery') is and why it gives excellent outcomes for patients.