General resources - working in the NHS and visas

General information about UK medical practice, visas and immigration issues

UK Visas and Immigration Agency
You can check visa and immigration requirements by clicking on the link above.

NHS Careers: International Healthcare Professionals
Website focusing mainly on visa and immigration issues for international doctors wishing to work in the UK.

RCR Autumn 2015 newsletter article
Article by the RCR's Vice-President, Clinical Radiology, on international recruitment.

GMC website on working in the UK
Intended for international medical graduates thinking of working in the UK. Useful information on the UK job market, what to expect when applying for GMC registration, and revalidation.

British Medical Association (BMA) Guide for Doctors New to the UK
This guide provides a basic introduction to working as a doctor in the UK. It covers issues such as medical defence and indemnity, and contracts and working conditions.

NHS Employers - Working and Training in the UK
Guidance aimed primarily at medical practitioners from outside the European Union, to raise awareness of opportunities available and help with the understanding of immigration processes and requirements.

Article in The Guardian - "A Portrait of the National Health Service"
An on-line article featuring interviews with NHS staff. 

BMA Communities section for International Medical Graduates
A space for overseas doctors to discuss and share experiences (requires BMA membership to participate)

Information about resources available and how these can be accessed outside the NHS.