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International Medical Graduates (IMGs)

The UK National Health Service (NHS) welcomes international medical graduates.

Becoming a clinical radiologist in the UK

Radiology is an exciting and rapidly-advancing specialty, with pathways into specialties like interventional radiology.

It's central to the delivery of safe and effective healthcare, and the NHS is happy to employ international professionals.

Learn more about clinical radiology

Thinking about a career in clinical radiology?

Not sure if radiology is the career for you? Find out what attracted some of our members to a career in the specialty, as well as where to start when deciding your path.

Thinking about a career in clinical radiology?

Becoming a clinical oncologist in the UK

A cornerstone of cancer care, clinical oncology is a rapidly evolving specialty that's unlike any other. New types of treatments, including advances in radiotherapy, brachytherapy and immunotherapy, mean that the future of oncology is truly fascinating.

Learn more about clinical oncology

GMC: Routes to registration online tool

When you're ready to apply for registration with the GMC - the UK's General Medical Council - you can use this online tool. The tool can be used for applications to both full and provisional registration, or to move from provisional to full.

GMC: Full registration guide for IMGs

The GMC - the UK's General Medical Council - has put together a guide outlining how to apply for full registration as an international medical graduate.

If you have passed both parts of the PLAB test within the last two years and you've completed an internship, you are eligible to apply for full registration.

Find the guide in the link below.

GMC: Provisional registration for IMGs

If you have passed both parts of the PLAB test within the past two years or passed an acceptable overseas registration clinical exam within the past two years, and you haven't completed an internship, you're eligible to apply for provisional registration with the GMC - the UK's General Medical Council.

Find more information about how to do that and eligibility criteria below.

Acceptable overseas qualifications

The GMC - the UK's General Medical Council - require professionals from overseas to send to them a copy of your medical qualification, to be sure you are eligible to take the PLAB test or apply to register with the GMC.

This page details the various types of acceptable qualifications.


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