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Working in the NHS UK

Working in the UK National Health Service (NHS) can be a very rewarding experience for radiologists in terms of developing their professional practice and specialty imaging interests.

If you want to work as an NHS consultant

Radiologists often find that they can benefit from a period as a locum or in a supervised post, before deciding whether a permanent NHS consultant post is right for them. This can also help you to adapt to NHS practice, which might be very different to what you're used to.

You need to be registered with the General Medical Council (GMC). There are different types of GMC registration depending on what kind of job you're going to work in, and different routes to getting registered.

GMC full registration is needed to work as a locum (temporary) NHS consultant (or as anything other than as a permanent NHS consultant, such as a registrar or specialty doctor). If you don’t want to work as a permanent NHS consultant, or need some experience in the UK before making an application for specialist registration, GMC full registration might be right for you.  Learn more about applying for GMC registration.

GMC specialist registration is needed to work as a permanent NHS consultant. Learn more about applying for specialist registration.

We are always happy to help with queries at  – please send a copy of your CV with any enquiry.

You should also look at the UK visas and immigration requirements and Standards of professional practice which will give you some help in adapting to practice in the NHS.

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