Awards and prizes

The RCR offers a variety of funded opportunities to develop learning, research, travel and teaching, available at every stage of your medical career, whether you are still studying at university, in the midst of your specialty training or a fully qualified consultant. Over recent years the College has given out nearly £2 million in grants and awards, and these opportunities have resulted in many success stories, including clinical developments both in the UK and overseas, rich academic research careers, broadened horizons, raised public profiles, and enhanced personal development. Information on past award schemes, Fellowships and eponymous lectures offered by the RCR is available.

Please see below for a full list of awards, prizes and bursaries:

Award title

Who's eligible?

Funds available

Applications open

Applications close

Research awards      

Cancer Research UK/RCR Joint Clinical Research Training FellowshipsFellowsVisit Cancer Research UK website for more informationRolling application processRolling application process
Constance Thornton FellowshipMembers and Fellows Up to £3,000

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 Friday 10 July 2020
Dr Karol Sicher Cancer Research FellowshipMembers and Fellows Up to £7,000 August 2021November 2021
Kodak Radiology Fund Research BursaryFellows Up to £5,000

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 Friday 10 July 2020

Kodak Radiology Fund ScholarshipMembers and Fellows Up to £20,000

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 Friday 10 July 2020

MRC/RCR Joint Research Training FellowshipsMembers and FellowsVisit MRC website for more informationSee MRC websiteSee MRC website
Pump Priming GrantsMembers and Fellows new to research OR within 5 years of their CCT

Up to £10,000

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 Friday 10 July 2020

Roentgen ProfessorshipMembers and FellowsUp to £3,000 December 2020 March 2021

Outstanding Clinical Radiology Researcher Award

Members and Fellows

£250 March 2021 June 2021

Educational travel opportunities       

Dr John Spencer Award for presentation or poster at RSNATrainees£500 per bursaryJune 2020August 2020
British Society of Breast Radiology (BSBR) ProfessorshipBreast radiologists who are RCR Fellows and members of the BSBRUp to £10,000

1 April 2020

31 May 2020
British Society of Neuroradiologists (BSNR) Du Boulay ProfessorshipNeuroradiologists who are RCR Fellows and members of the BSNRUp to £6,0001 April 202110 May 2021
British Society of Paediatric Radiologists (BSPR) ProfessorshipPaediatric radiologists who are RCR Fellows and members of the BSPRUp to £10,0001 April 2020

31 May 2020

British Society of Interventional Radiology (BSIR) Graham Plant ProfessorshipInterventional radiologists who are RCR Fellows and members of the BSIR Up to £10,0001 April 202031 May 2020
Dr Prafulla Kumar Ganguli ProfessorshipFellows in the UKUp to £6,0006 December 2019

6 March 2020

(Award closed)

Kodak Radiology Fund Educational BursaryMembers and FellowsUp to £5,000May 2020August 2020
Reginald G Reid/Graham Hodgson ScholarshipFellowsUp to £1,500May 2020August 2020
Travel Bursaries for the European Congress of Radiology (ECR)Trainees £250 per bursary6 December 2019Closed 17 January 2020
The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) International Travelling Fellowship  RCR Fellows and members (consultants and trainees) £11, 000 for two years (£5,500 per visit)February 2021Every two years

Awards for achievement

Ansell PrizeTrainees and consultantsn/aFebruary 2017April 2017
Audit Poster Competition Audit leads, trainees, radiographers and colleaguesn/aFebruary 2017April 2017 
Editor's Medal Authors in Clinical Radiology journaln/aAnnual Annual
Ella Preiskel PrizeAuthors of papers on paediatric radiology in Clinical Radiology journaln/aAnnualAnnual
Ellis Barnett PrizeAuthors of papers on ultrasound content in Clinical Radiology journaln/aAnnualAnnual
Frank Doyle Medal Trainees: FRCR Part An/an/an/a
Gold AwardCandidates taking Final Examination of the Fellowshipn/an/an/a 
Junior Radiologists' Forum Trainer Award Consultants (Trainers) n/aNominate 16 March 2020
Robert and Elma Kemp Harper PrizeAuthors of papers on gastrointestinal radiology in Clinical Radiology journaln/aAnnualAnnual 


Elective bursariesMedical students£300 each

November 2020

March 2021
Steven Carstairs Essay Prize Medical students £200

November 2020

March 2021
Steven Carstairs Research PrizeMedical students£400

November 2020

March 2021
Undergraduate Radiology Society of the yearMedical students/undergraduate societies£200

November 2020

March 2021
Undergraduate Education Innovation and Excellence AwardMedical students/trainees/consultants£250

November 2020

March 2021