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Research support is available to further clinical interests, encompassing a range of opportunities such as fellowships, professorships, bursaries, and grants.

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Dr Karol Sicher Cancer Research Fellowship

This Fellowship is intended for a period of study in support of research, in any aspect of cancer diagnosis, assessment or management.

Clinical radiology undergraduate research prize

The clinical radiology undergraduate research prize is for an undergraduate student who conducts personal research on a clinical radiology topic.

Clinical oncology undergraduate research prize

The clinical oncology undergraduate research prize is awarded for professional research on a clinical oncology topic. Priority will be given to research with a radiotherapy focus. The successful applicant will be invited to present a talk about their work at the appropriate RCR meeting.

The Constance Thornton Fellowship

This annual fellowship enables a UK clinical radiologist to undertake a research project or further a radiological interest (preferably centres on cross-sectional imaging or paediatric radiology, likely to lead to a publication) in the UK or abroad.

MRC/RCR Joint Research Training Fellowships

Established in 2005, these Joint Fellowships are administered by the Medical Research Council (MRC) and are on a shared funding basis.

The Outstanding Clinical Radiology Researcher Award

The RCR-NIHR Outstanding Clinical Radiology Researcher awards recognise the contribution that clinical radiologists make to radiology research in the NHS. The scheme is jointly sponsored by the RCR and the National Institute for Health Research.

Research bursary

The Bursary is intended for a research project or furthering a radiological interest in the UK or abroad.

The Roentgen Professorship

The Roentgen Professorship is generously funded by the publishers of the Clinical Radiology journal in order to encourage research within the specialty.

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Find out more about all the different funded opportunities we offer to develop learning, research, travel and teaching, available at every stage of your medical career, whether you are still studying at university, in the midst of your specialty training or a fully qualified consultant.

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