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The assessment of motion artefacts in neuro-MRI

This template presents a method for the evaluation of motion artefacts in neuro-MRI examinations to determine if your neuroradiology department meets...

Audit template to assess compliance of low radiation dose CT used in the Targeted Lung Health Check Scans

This audit is intended to assess the quality of Computed Tomography (CT) scans of the thorax in the setting of Targeted Lung Health Check scans.

Audit on Structured Reporting of Superficial Soft Tissue Masses on Ultrasonography in Relation to Guiding Clinical Management

Audit on structured reporting of superficial soft tissue masses on ultrasonography focusing on the adequacy of lesion and management documentation to...

Positive pre-dictive value of pre-biopsy prostate MRI using PI-RADS v2.1

The aim of this audit is to assess the positive predictive value of pre-biopsy Prostatic MRI using PI-RADS v2.1 guidance

Audit on ultrasound performance in soft tissue tumor assessment

Audit of ultrasound image quality in soft tissue tumor assessment.

Audit on Image Adequacy and Structured Reporting of Postnatal Ultrasound Urinary System in Paediatric Population

Audit of image adequacy and report documentation for postnatal ultrasound screening of urinary tract dilation in paediatric population.

Audit of adherence to patient confidentiality requirements in radiological practice

Audit of adherence to patient confidentiality requirements in radiological practice, taken from Guidance on maintaining patient confidentiality when...

An audit on correlation of prostate MRI scored as PIRADS 2 with biopsy results

NICE guidelines of 2019 recommend biopsies can be safely omitted for men with LIKERT score of less than or equal to 2 on prebiopsy MRI prostate

Audit on Technical Adequacy, Structured Reporting and Radiation Dose on Voiding Cystourethrography (VCU) in Pediatric Population

Audit on technical adequacy, structured report documentation and radiation dose for VCU examination performed in pediatric population.

Audit on Ultrasound Technique for Screening of Hip Effusion

Audit of image adequacy and report documentation for ultrasound screening of hip effusion