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Safety and Outcomes of Cerebrovascular Digital Subtraction Angiography

An audit of the procedural aspects, post-operative complications, and outcomes of cerebrovascular digital subtraction angiography

Are too many neonatal lumbar spine ultrasounds being requested to interrogate ‘?Sacral dimple’?

This audit assesses and reviews the number and quality of lumbar spine ultrasound scans (USS) performed in a department, specifically to investigate...

Interdepartmental Communication in Emergency Radiology: Documentation of Referrer Opinion on A&E Radiographs

An Audit of documentation of the referring clinican's opinion on A&E radiographs.

Indications for CT imaging in the severely injured patient

An audit to assess the adequacy of clinical information on CT major trauma imaging requests from the Emergency Department (ED).

Information offered to patients after consent for radiological procedures

Are all patients offered a record of their consent for radiological procedures?

Audit of Ultrasound Guided Renal Biopsy

To audit diagnostic adequacy and complications of ultrasound guided renal biopsies.

Justification of contrast enhanced CT urography for investigation of haematuria in adult patients under 40 years old

An audit to assess whether CT urograms using IV contrast, performed to investigate haematuria in patients under 40 years old, were justified with...

Identification and relief of urological obstruction in the setting of Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)

Compliance with NICE guidance 2013 on identifying and relief of urological obstruction in the setting of Acute Kidney Injury

Audit to assess adequacy of CT Colonography

An audit to assess departmental CT Colonography protocols and adequacy of imaging.

Contrast extravasation in CT

An audit of the assessment & management of patients who sustained contrast extravasation during CT examination