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Quality Improvement and Audit Committee (Clinical Oncology)

The main aims of the Committee are to act as a College focus for audit and quality improvement (QI) and to co-ordinate national audit activity.

The Clinical Oncology Quality Improvement and Audit Committee (COQIAC) is chaired by Dr Matt Williams. Membership of the Committee comprises the College Officers (the President, the Vice-President CO, the Medical Director, Professional Practice and the Medical Director, Education and Training) ex-officio, up to six appointed members and up to five co-opted members.

The Committee reports to the Clinical Oncology Professional Support and Standards Board (CO PSSB).

Members are responsible for implementing an annual programme of audit work; to advise on and organise education on audit; to be aware of clinical standards and national audit policies; to act as a reference centre for Fellows and members on matters of audit; and to ensure Audit Library templates are up to date and reflect current practice.

If you have any queries regarding the Committee please write to the Committee Chair, Dr Matt Williams, via the at The Royal College of Radiologists.


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