National radiotherapy consent forms

​As with all medical and surgical procedures it is a requirement to take consent for radiotherapy.

There is a unique complexity to the consent process for radiotherapy as there are significant acute risks associated with treatment and late toxicities may present years after treatment. It is therefore generally accepted that the best ethical and legal practice is to ensure valid written, signed consent is sought prior to starting radiotherapy treatment.

  • The taking of written consent should follow a full discussion with the patient of the intended benefits and risks of treatment. 
  • Valid consent is fundamental to respect a patient’s autonomy and is also a legal requirement. 
  • Signing a consent form is not a substitute for a meaningful dialogue and discussion about treatment with the patient.  

Supporting documents 

There are many reasons that a national standard site-specific consent form would assist clinicians and patients alike. Read our supporting documents for further information on the development and implementation of the radiotherapy consent forms:

National site-specific radiotherapy consent forms 



Head and neck







Feedback on the forms

We will be collecting feedback on the forms but if you have comments or suggestions that you would like to share with us in the meantime, please contact the Professional Services team