National radiotherapy consent forms

These award-winning national site-specific radiotherapy consent forms are intended to support clinicians in ensuring all patients are fully informed when consenting to radiotherapy.

The RCR are currently working on the next review of these forms with a key focus on ensuring the content and language fully reflects the diversity of our patients. This is particularly the case when considering radiation induced skin reactions (RISR). Many of the current forms state that 'redness' is a common skin side effect following radiotherapy, however, on darker skin tones redness is not normally seen. For people with darker skin, RISR can present as subtle darkening, yellow or purple or grey colour changes. 

Until this review is complete we would encourage clinicians to increase their awareness to ensure all their patients are fully aware of how RISR can present on their skin. Please refer to the Society and College of Radiographers' statement on how skin reactions can present differently on different skin tones: 

The next version of RCR consent forms will be published in Spring/Summer 2023. 

If you have any questions about the forms, please check out our FAQs document. You can also contact the Guidance team if you have any further comments or questions.



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    Supporting documents 

    There are many reasons that a national standard site-specific consent form would assist clinicians and patients alike. Read our supporting documents for further information on the development and implementation of the radiotherapy consent forms: