RCR-Cyclotron Trust Visiting Fellowships

Applications closed


The RCR established the RCR–Cyclotron Trust Visiting Fellowships to provide opportunities for clinical oncologists to visit particle treatment centres abroad. The Fellowships are made possible by a generous financial donation from the Cyclotron Trust, for which the RCR would like to express its gratitude.


These visits will contribute towards achieving the highest possible standard for a modern, world-class radiotherapy service in the UK. A key component of this is clearly to develop the knowledge and expertise of Clinical Oncologists regarding Particle Therapy.

The aim of the 2018/19 Fellowships is to promote a greater understanding of the potential of carbon ion therapy and in increasing awareness of new applications of particle therapy and their use in the wider spectrum of advanced radiotherapy. This is a change in focus for the Fellowships which in previous years have supported the developing proton beam therapy programme in the UK. The success of the NSCT Proton Clinical Reference Programme and the progress toward provision of a service for proton therapy treatment in the UK prompted a change in focus for the Fellowships in 2017/18.

There are four CBIT facilities operating in Europe currently with more planned. New centres are also planned in the USA whilst five are operating in Japan and two in China.  Visit proposals are therefore now invited to go to centres that provide a service of carbon ions. Priority will be given to applications to visit one of the four European carbon ion centres (Heidelberg, Marburg, Pavia and Med-AUSTRON). Travelling Fellows should take the opportunity also to gain an appreciation of the proton therapy programmes available at these centres. Consideration will be given to proposals to visit carbon ion therapy centres in China or Japan but, such applications would need to be exceptional. Applicants should also consider applying for the Fellowships in order to learn more about Boron Neutron Capture Therapy (BNCT) during visits where this is possible.


Funding of up to a maximum of £2,000 per visit will be available. For paired applications, funding up to a maximum of £2,000 will be available for each applicant. Funding is intended to cover the costs of travel and accommodation only. It is not intended to cover daily living expenses or any additional costs incurred during the visit.


The Fellowships are open to Consultants and post-FRCR Specialist Registrar Clinical Oncologists who are members or Fellows of the RCR in good standing, resident in the United Kingdom and in active clinical NHS practice at the time of the award/visit. Proposals for ‘paired’ visits with a colleague from medical physics are strongly encouraged and will be given preference.

There will be up to five Fellowships per College year (September to September) and all visits must be undertaken within 12 months of the award being made. Paired applications count as one Fellowship. The successful applicant(s) will be required to submit a report to the CO Professional Support and Standards Board at the end of the Fellowship visit.

A list of current and previous successful applicants is available.

To apply:

Applications for the 2018 scheme are now closed.  If you wish to register your interest for 2019, or you would like more information about the Visting Fellowships, please contact RCR's Professional Support and Standard's Administrator.