Role of audit leads

The purpose of the audit lead role is to act as a liaison between The Royal College of Radiologists and the clinical oncology department, in order to promote and encourage members’ and Fellows’ participation in local and the RCR national audits. The audit lead should, ideally be a member or Fellow of the RCR, but the role may be delegated to a non-RCR member who is a medical professional. The Royal College of Radiologists recommends that 0.5-1 programmed activity per week should be allowed in the job plan to account for the work involved.


To support RCR national audits and where appropriate, participate within the specified timescales.


  1. To act as a link person to liaise within the directorate and the Trust regarding issues raised by the RCR on audit and effectiveness.
  2. To provide suggestions for national audits to the Clinical Oncology Quality Improvement and Audit Committee, taking into account national and local agendas.
  3. To facilitate audit within their own department taking into account national and local agendas.
  4. To assist with the piloting of audit projects.
  5. To encourage colleagues to participate in audit at national level and to ensure participation in relevant RCR national audits.
  6. To present completed projects at departmental audit meetings and feed back consensus of opinion gained, with recommendations regarding any changes to clinical practice as a result of the audits so that these can be shared nationally.
  7. To participate in RCR audit conferences. Audit leads may nominate a deputy to attend but should the audit lead or the deputy not be an RCR member or Fellow, the delegate will have to be charged at the non-member's rate.
  8. To encourage submissions to the Audit and QI Poster Competition, which is usually part of the annual conference.
  9. To encourage submissions to, and the use of, Audit Library, the RCR’s online resource of clinical oncology audit templates.